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At 1-6 and no starting QB how do you approach final 9 games?

still, everyone is way too high on the chance of getting Luck..there really needs to be a banner across the top of the site..

as much as I would LOVE to get him...

..He has stated, multiple times he plans to stay in for his degree
..He goes to Stanford, where getting a degree is a huge deal, not some random football school with an average academic program
..The chances of Andrew Luck coming out this year are likely a less than 5% chance

the good news is I do think that SLIGHT chance that he goes against what he's said is if we happen to have that first pick...because he'd be inheriting a great team, and be staying in the bay area where he could slowly continue his Stanford education

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Originally posted by wolfpack52:
Start looking if Gruden or Cowher would pick up this team during the bye. If not fire Dingleberry regardless and name Manusky interim and then in the offseason bring in a vet coach not another asst or coordinator(like Sing or Nolan)

When Alex gets healthy Carr. Get Nate Davis one the 53 man. I do believe Troy Smith is better then Davis and should see some snaps in Alexs absence.

Lets not run Gore into the ground. Why kill him if this season is over. Give Dixon some carries and let Westbrook go out with some decent playing time.

Put Sims in and try A Davis at guard or leave him on the bench. Hes going to get someone killed.

Yeah I want to see Nate brought up from the practice squad now too.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Originally posted by boriken_9er:
We are 1-6 with no starting QB for who knows how long. You have a backup veteran QB that seems clueless after all this years, and your defense allowed a career day of over 300 passing yards to a no name QB.

How do you fix this mess?

This was the OP's opening statement (above) ^. This was my opening statement (below).

Stating the obvious, the season is shot. With that said, how would you like the Niners to use the rest of our 2011 preseason games? Is there a certain rookie that you want to see on the field more? Is there a coach you would like to see come in mid-season? Or would you prefer we go 1-15 and pick at the top of the draft? Whatever it is, we'd like to hear it!

They are totally diffrent. I'm not asking how you would fix it. Plus I have a much better title. Was it really necessary to merge?

Haters gonna hate...

At the risk of getting a warning. One more time for the road.

I told you this title would allow this thread to last long. No offense Boriken.

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Blow it all up right now. Tell Sing he aint making the trip to Europe promote Johnson as interim and start Nate Davis.
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
The draft pick is our best bet. Unfortunately we have a lockout year and many top prospects won't declare. So we are screwed again. This team is not only bone headed. They have just plain bad luck...

we'll we f*cked then cause after that it's 2012.

I see a number of posts that want to see Nate Davis...Well, so do i, but, he has not had any exposure to the speed of an NFL game...It would take several starts to get the feel of it. So he can not be judged on preseaon or the first several games assuming he ever gets to start a game. I want the Niners to bench Carr and play Troy Smith and Nate Davis the rest of the we know what we have for next year. At 1-6 we are toast and going nowhere it is time to abandon the alex experiment.
(this is assuming that AS is done)

Get rid of Singletary and get somebody who is more modern in their offensive philosophy to be HC.

Orders to the OC and DC to shake things up.

Use the bye week to have an open contest between T. Smith and N. Davis as to who will be the starter. The other is #2. Carr should never be anything morfe than the emergency QB.

Frequent and regular rotation of players to keep them fresh. RJF. Ray Mac. LeBoy & Brooks. Dixon. Ziegler. D. Walker

Rotate the OL. If they are healthy: LT Simms, LG Iupati, C Heitmann, RG Snyder, RT Staley. Baas backs up a couple of positions. A. Davis needs to sit and learn.

Probably time to shake up the DB's as well. Clements is inconsistant and a gambler. Goldson has disappeared.

This is a TEAM. The starters may start, but that doesn't mean they need to be in on every bleeping play. It's so important to have fresh horses at the end of the race when the outcome of the event is on the line.

If we end up with the #1 pick, it might be worth it to trade, get a slightly lower 1st rounder, an additional 2nd, and a veteran at: CB, OL, or pass rusher. Use the extra picks to strengthen/replace whichever of those we don't get in the trade.

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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Honestly, i don't care anymore. Just tank the rest of this season and not f**k up our draft position. And draft a new QB and get a new HC. F**k it.


I approach it by watching lots of college football, as we are just about a lock on the first over all pick, it is becoming more and more important to scout college quarterbacks!
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
I want to see what Nate Davis can do! We have nothing to lose!

If he could just get a shot,we would have are answer!
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
I want to see what Nate Davis can do! We have nothing to lose!

I will keep saying this....if he is any good there is no need to shell shock the kid

what do you mean shell shock him?what should we baby the kid till someone else steals him from us and we regret that decision too!
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
I want to see what Nate Davis can do! We have nothing to lose!
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Originally posted by HessianDud:
i would like to see Troy Smith and Nate Davis get playing time so we can evaluate what we have there.

I would also like to see Dixon and Westbrook to play more. Dixon so we can evaluate him/get him experience, Westbrook mostly to keep Gore from being banged up unnecessarily in a lost season. Gore doesn't deserve to waste himself on this s**t team, and if we protect him we can maybe extend his career long enough to get a winning team around him.

Philip Adams should get some playing time in place of Brown.

something needs to be done about the offensive line, just so we can get a good look at whoever we play at QB.

But, really, the important things that are going to happen on this team are after the season, when we should fire Singletary and draft a QB.
I agree with all.

My answer to the bold is to move Staley to RT and put Sims at LT. Davis clearly is costing this team more than it can afford right now. This kid is still very young and clearly is playing shell-shocked right now. Also, leave Snyder at RG.

I also want to see Jason Hill get some PT. Morgan is bringing nothing to the table and he does not have the speed to keep the defense honest. This offense needs more speed...desperately.
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