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At 1-6 and no starting QB how do you approach final 9 games?

Troy smith has LESS experience in this offnse than Davis. I say we answer the qb question for 2011 by holding the "Nate Davis" audition for the rest of the season. put him out there and let him play. it at least let's us know what how we will have to address th draft.

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york wont fire singltary till the end of the season hell let crabtree play qb lol davis wont get called up unless carr gets hurt
Play Davis. It can't get any worse. We are already 1 and 6. We need to know what we have.

Shame on the niners for not going after a legit Qb in over 6 years. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
Originally posted by mayo49:
With Smith out, this team is going to struggle just to be competitive. Tank the season and draft Luck or Locker and see if Gruden want's to leave the MNF booth and coach again. At this point winning games becomes a negative because it knocks us further away from drafting Luck or Locker. It sucks now, but when the draft comes around, everybody will be jacked that we have a chance at a top 5 pick.

1st round QBs seem like such a shot in the dark. Do they look as good as Bradford coming out of college? If this team had a Bradford I would cream my paints.
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The season, and most probably Singletary's term as coach is toast. Schedule still has winnable games upcoming, but I think it's too late now, we're effectively out of the division race unless we go 8-1 or 9-0 the rest of the way....which has no chance of happening.

Alex Smith is the best QB on the roster....until he's back you try to find the second best QB (not David Carr) and go with him. It's doesn't really matter though...this team doesn't know how to win....even in a game like today's...this was a game lost on mistakes, penalties, and cowardice (sitting on a 7 pt lead late...playing not to lose).

If there's a bright side to the hastens Singletary's departure. I'm tired of this unqualified buffoon running the team. What an unmitigated disaster.
Play Troy Smith ONLY if Alex is unable to play the rest of the season. Tinker some with the Oline. Something tells me Staley is better on the other side.
Scouting the potential top 5 draft prospects.
I say put T. Smith or N. Davis in we got nothing to loose.
i wish the niners would just forfeit the London game.
It may not be Monday but I think this is appropriate for this thread...


Originally posted by Chief:
Scouting the potential top 5 draft prospects.
Once Gore gets his 1,000 yds for the seson, split his reps with Dixon so we can preserve Gore's career a little longer...Let Troy play the rest of the season at QB...Release Carr...Release Westbrook so he can get a chance with another team....hes earned it...And fire Sing...We will get another head coach before the 2011 draft anyway...
Wish that Andrew Luck declares
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
i wish the niners Could just forfeit the London game.

I'm on board with playing as much of Troy Smith and Nate Davis as we can while not actually winning any games, and drafting Luck.
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