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A win.


Now, a week off to forget about the first six games and then a shot at the rams.

If we pass the ball, we've really got a shot at them.

Go Niners!!!

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Originally posted by wysiwyg:
The Lawson and Justin Smith Penalties were pure BS

Typical NFL overreacting.

If they take that out of the game, it is a joke. Really. A Joke.

Neither play was a foul.

Yah I agree.

They are ruining the game
Ok great to get a win.
Sing stop smiling you got very lucky, that those two penalties called back TDs.
Especcially the first one when it still was 10-3 for Denver.

Still Sing has to be fired at Year´s end.
JED do not let him intimidate you. blindfold him or blindfold yourself when you talk to him.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
If I've said this once, I've said it 1000 times. The Niners are talented enough to run the table, but we won't because of Sing's overall philosophy.

Exactly. He provides no benefit to the team. He only puts us at a disadvantage with his stupid philosophies. Which is why I can't understand how people think firing him now won't help. Remove the philosophies and we're a good team. It doesn't matter who replaces him as long as they're not stuck in 1985 like Singletary is.
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Originally posted by JustaFan45:
I been playing the "Hit the road Jack" for Alex Smith all morning. The REAL smith is showing alot more mobility and his ability to create then a 1st round pick in ALEX THE BUST SMITH! Jersey Niner? Go ahead and wipe your tears and come be a REAL niner fan and not alex's mistress.

Don't choke on his dick just yet, it is the broncos.

are you a fan?
Since York has already committed to Singletary through the end of the year, the need to lose this week to get rid of him was unneccessary.

However, I'd hate to see him finish strong, get to 6-10 or 7-9, and keep his job.
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