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Niners vs. Giants 2002 WildCard onm ESPN NOW !

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Since we suck this year, might as well live in the glory years.

Niner - Giants WildCard 2002 NOW ! It was loud in Candlestick that day.

Brings tears too me eyes.....
I remember looking at my friend who jokingly said "Alright, let's leave. This game is over" and saying "Nah, brah. We're coming back and winning this game."
I sat in my seat like a deflated baloon until the 4th qtr
Watch Jeremy drop those wide open TD passes!
f**k michael strahan
Jeremy Newberry's a BEAST LOL
Imagine if we had Newberry in his prime on our line right now. Dude was straight nasty.
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The 2nd greatest game I've seen. That comeback was so wonderfully awesome.
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I was watching this game with two of my best friends (one Raider fan and one Cowboys fan).

It was beautiful.
#3 best game for me after...

1. 1995 NFC Championship win over the Cowboys
2. 1998 Wild Card win over the Packers

Yes the 94-95 Super Bowl was awesome, but we all knew the battle had been won once we beat the Cowboys.

Our last big time victory. Seems like forever ago.
Im kinda glad they didnt say anything about us becoming completely irrelevant after that game at the end of the film
Originally posted by defenderDX:
f**k michael strahan
f**king John York for breaking the team down and firing Mooch.
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Bring back Mooch ftw?

I am still so grateful to have been at that game....Best 49er experience of my 23-year life.
Ahhhh. Watching that game made me hate Singletary and Alex Smith even more.
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