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Shawn Merriman to the 49ers Rumor - Is he worth it?

I mean can this guy be effective right now, otherwise...why sign him?

I just want opinions and thoughts, not criticism for asking.

Does anyone have any background on Merriman other than his two astounding seasons, alleged rape charges and steroid scandal?

We do need a pass rusher though. I hope this guy has his s**t together.

- Weege
f**k Tila Tequila
A talent with a chip on his shoulder who can rush the passer? Yes, please.
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not this sh*t again
he is not very good
haven't you seen any of the other locked Merriman threads?
yes !!!!
Originally posted by danimal:
he is not very good when he is not on steriods

Wouldn't hurt I guess. Add depth if anything.
My bad, i didn't see the others.

he'd be an upgrade over Haralson...
Haralson had a pretty decent game tho. I'm not sayin he's better, but...3.9 mil for a big "maybe" of a player? i just hope he comes in all guns blazing...hopefully he has something to proove. The Chargers are still on the calendar too. This could be a hell of a fight if we get him.
We have Keaton Krystick. WTF would we want to explore other options?
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For a minimum salary- yes. But I would rather pay Lawson a nice contract than Merriman. He has issues that on a team without a lot of leadership could create huge problems.

He has 6 takcles and no sacks this year.... and hasn't had a good year since 2008. I think there are a lot of things to be concerned about.

On a positive note, it would be something to see him and Vernon go at it in the nutcracker!
This doesn't belong in Ninertalk. There's already a thread for this

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