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If Singletary is gone after this season, are we giving up on him too fast?

I was reading this article ,"Dungy: Singletary must be himself" and at the end of the article, Dungy says, "Everybody's sitting here judging Mike in his second (full) year as a head coach. I was a lot better in Year 13 than I was in Year 2, for sure."

That got me thinking. If we fire Singletary and bring in a proven winner, great for the organization, that's football, but I don't think Singletary is doomed to always be a failure as a head coach in the NFL, like I do with Nolan, Erickson etc. I feel like we might be throwing away a gem.

Granted we as fans, and the media who scrutinize Sings every move, want to win now and have an extremely high expectation for our franchise, coupled with the fact that we have not been to the playoffs since 2003, yes maybe we do need a proven winner. But that's not to say that he can't be successful. Who's to say he won't keep working to better himself to learn the X's & O's, clock management, and to take responsibility rather than passing off the baton and throwing players and other members of the coaching staff under the bus.

If we fire him, would you feel that we were being too hasty, or did he have his chance? Hey Smith had 6 years. On average, how long does it take a coach who sucked in his previous 2 years, turn it around? Does anyone else have an example of a YOUNG coach whose head everyone was calling for, only to turn it around? Not a situation like Coughlin in NY but more of a rookie or 2nd year coach who was struggling, that FINALLY got it in his 3rd or 4th year and excelled?

Maybe Jed needs to lay into Singletary like Singletary laid into Smith, and 2 years ago Davis. Maybe that will give him the kick in the pants and turn his coaching career around. I'd hate to see Singletary fired, then come back later and have playoff success with another franchise, while we hired the sure thing that may be over the hill. Do we honestly think Shanahhan can get the Skins a Super Bowl? Just some stuff to think about...

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He's no gem, he's just an inspirational speaker. Probably would make a good college head coach because he could go into a kids house recruit like a mofo.
shoulda kept NoWin then.
He will be a good coach one day.
The problem with Singletary is that he never seemed to bother to put in the time to become a better coach. He spent around 8 years completely out of football and he cae back feeling like his HOF career was enough to entitle him a HC position. He never tried to study the game and thereore he wasn't able to see how much the game has changed from his playing days.

Is another few years really gonna make a difference?
He'd have around 2.5 years by the end of this season. I think that's enough time to prove yourself. That, and we already know he is COMPLETELY reliant on his coordinators. Take that along with his faults, and I don't see any gem.
Just like Smith I don't know what you're holding on to.

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QB/Offensive coordinator problems will never change under Sing. Especially the OC because no one good will work under Sing.
its possible that sing could greatly improve as a coach if given more time. And its possible that he never will. And its possible that getting fired would spur him to evaluate his skills and deficiencies as a coach and work himself back into a position to coach elsewhere, and only then would he be a good coach.

Bottom line is that anything is possible. We have to make a decision based on the future of the franchise. By the end of the year, Sing needs to show that he can run a modern NFL team.

singletary is his own worst enemy and it doesn't look like he'll see that anytime soon.
He needs to learn more about football. Not playing, coaching. There is a difference.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
singletary is his own worst enemy and it doesn't look like he'll see that anytime soon.

yup. He especially pissed me off when he said "I talked to Johnson during the week and spoke to him about the importance of running the ball."

like motherf**ker?!? Why the f**k did we fire Raye then if its gonna be the same s**t you stupid stupid man.
As most analysts have pointed out, he doesn't understand the scheming of games. I loved the enthusiasm at first, but now we need someone who can provide real direction. Look at the Cheifs. Not much talent, but they are winning because of good game plan's.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
singletary is his own worst enemy and it doesn't look like he'll see that anytime soon.

Exactly. For a religious person, he shows a astounding lack of humility.

If he wants to suceed he needs to do some self-examination and see that he has some catching up to do.

The, go back to being a LBs coach under some good DC for a few years and, this time, LEARN SOMETHING!

Then climb the ranks the RIGHT WAY this time, and don't use you HOF past.
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