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It's Not All Alex Smiths FAULT!!!!

Yes, were 0-5. If you look at it. Is it his fault that Delaine Walker fumbled in the Saints RZ or the D" gave up those chunk of yards with a minute to go. Or is it his fault that Clements fumbled when he should have went down to pick up the W?? Or his fault gore fumbled twice in Eagles territory??? Turn those 3 incidents around we would be 3-2 with people praising Smith..All our loses came from the whole team!! He does have some mistakes but who hasn't for our team...
We fumble a lot, our D can't stop anybody, we can't catch punts and we get out coached in every game. So yes there are other problems.
Its never is fault, he is perfect.

Yeah, and? You can count on him giving the ball up at least twice per game this year.
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