This is the best post ive ever read. Talent can only get you so far, coaching does the rest. We have a passing football team with huge run blocking lineman and a coach who is not ready to be a head coach. Smaller faster pass blocking lineman.

And a 3 man pass rush is a horrible idea especially wen your playing a deep zone, YOUR GIVING THE QB ALL DAY TO FIND WINDOWS. Rush 4 play 2 man under and blitz more often, instead of the defense reacting to the offense switch that.

Bottom line we have the players in place we need a new offensive and defensive coordinator. Manusky is running the wrong defense a 3 man pass rush while playing zone is so dumb its amazing no one recognizes that

Originally posted by spizzy:
1) Alex is NOT the issue

He made some nice throws tonight, I didn't see any that were considered poor. His decision making was solid for the most part, his only mistake being that fumble which was just a physical mistake which happens. He showed incredible resilience during the game, being able to withstand the crowd like that and lead back-to-back scoring drives really impressed me.

2) Our o-line IS a huge issue

They can't move anyone. Gore looks fine, he hits the hole hard when there is one. Anthony Davis got schooled on multiple occasions, and also had some false starts. He doesn't look ready to play. Chilo Rachal sucks. Get somebody else in there. Staley is the only one consistently performing solidly. Nothing on our O has changed significantly since last year (when we were solid with Alex) EXCEPT for the o-line. This unit is not jelling.

3) There's something wrong with Willis

Some of you have noticed this, and some of you refuse to believe that our All-World future HOF linebacker is not playing up to standard. He seems slow, out of position, and sometimes uninterested. I have a hunch that he is playing injured because he seems tentative and doesn't hit the hole like we are all used to seeing.

4) We don't blitz enough

Self explanatory

5) The spread/shotgun offense needs to be implemented more regularly

I'm not saying go all Urban Meyer on O, but use whats working best EARLIER in the game. See: Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots. These teams use the shotgun to take advantage of their special players and put them in space.