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Fans No Class Today!

Fans No Class Today!

Originally posted by dald1:
u really think they are booing smith for just one game? or could it be the last five years??

Some people just don't get it. Smith has been stinking it up all year and today it all boiled over. The only thing I didn't agree with was when the crowd cheered him for putting up numbers while trailing late in the game, which led to his stats being padded and his fanboys gaining a reason to argue there's still hope for him. I do understand why they cheered though - the were hoping for a win. I knew better. This is the first time in a very long time that I saw a potential rally late in the game and did not get excited because I knew our QB wasn't good enough to complete the comeback. I saw the INT coming a mile away and I am no psychic.

Alex Smith is just good enough to keep his starting job, but not good enough to win games for us.
I voted "No" because I thought it meant "No class" -- Make the poll options clearer. I agree, we have classless fans. I know we were fed up, but that was savage out there. The stadium turned into rabid animals.
Originally posted by TDNiners:
Originally posted by TDNiners:
The fans were stupid, in my opinion.

They should have yelled "WE WANT GRUDEN" "WE WANT GRUDEN"

Carr won't give you s**t.

At least Gruden might be able to fix this mess.

One more time... Lets all practice.



You do realize that the booing was directly related to us making it a game right? The booing is what motivated Smith.
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fans were legit! i'd do the same, how can u play them? 49ers are pathetic right now n we need change
Originally posted by Jcool:
Fans who paid probably close to $100 to be at the game can BOOOOO if they want

Thank u. I got my $228 worth of boos tonight. 9 ints week end and week out. I don't care if Carr is less talented let's see if he can protect the ball
seriously who cares about class?

lets win some games first, until then boo all you want, it's not like Alex didn't deserve it after that incredibly stupid play
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
I had to make this thread because honestly it was apalling to hear the fans booing Smith for Carr, and during the threads many felt the same as may, and even those that dont like Smith one bit.

Then Sing leaves him in, and he throws 2 more TD's and then they cheer. Booing because it's a bad play is one thing.

But Gore fumbled twice and our D was getting manhandled, and all they could boo was our QB. Some say Sing is messed up in the head, well u know what some of us fans are just as crazy as they make Sing out to be.

If you looked around in chat rooms, they were laughing at our fans because regardless of what. 21pts from a QB should be enough to win, regardless of int's, but its funny, nope, not on our team.

The whole team at some point f**ked up today, and the booing for just one player was quite pathetic as a fan IMHO.

I see the Alex Smith bandwagon is still going strong after an 0-5 start.

That made me smile kind of, anyway whoever that guy was wearing #11 in the 4th is who we need to win games. Plus not turning the ball over 6 times would help.
If I'm a player i say f all yall, f the fans, naysayers, and the opposition and come out every game every series every play looking 4 blood and not just when fans boo or coaches threaten the hook. I liked that smith got fired up but i want to see it 60 minutes ever game and i liked that vernon davis stuck up 4 him and together they went out and did something about it. I could care less about the other 70000 fans out there i only want whomever is on the field 4 the red and gold to win and even to the spite of fans like myself. F*CK THE FANS!!!! KICK ASS!!!!

If it wasnt for the booing Smith's balls woulda never dropped
Plenty of others to blame but that play by Alex is rookie I'm in my first game in the NFL stuff. I have always supported Smith but he deserves it. I just hope this is a turning point and he realizes this is it. It gets sickening.... every time he plays well he always messes up big time once or twice. He always manages to make that one mistake that kills us. Just wish after games like the Saints in the final drive he would keep it going instead of regressing.
Those same fans have been patient with this pathetic team and with Alex/Sing.

I applaud them for bothering to buy season tickets!!!

Alex/Sing would be crucified in Philly or New York or any other city where most of their fans have guts!!!

preseason champs turned real-deal chumps!

alexis is weak.

we need to cut off the bell cow's (gore) ankles. she is no longer any good... chop off all of HER limbs.. the bell cow fumbles too much!

grandma in a hoveround can run circles around members in our secondary!

singletary has a gross fetish for alexis and it's making me sick to my stomach!!!

PS: SHAUN HILL (the ugly woman i voted out) WON WITH THE LIONS TODAY!!!!!!


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Alex Smith deserved the boos...his mistakes always F@%#Ks us.
I am only aware of one type of Boo that will ever work. Booing from home the next day when you read the sports section, because you refuse to buy tickets and you refuse to tune in.

All other forms of Booing is completely ineffective
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