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What is Alex's biggest weakness?

What is Alex's biggest weakness?

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A mixture of the above. Mostly his decision making. He makes the dumbest throws I've ever seen and has the worst luck. Some of the throws he attempts I wouldn't even attempt while playing Madden.
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I went with decision making if it's the normal offense he over thinks every pass in hurry up he's pretty good cause he's being instinctive
He doesnt have a touch on his passes. All the throws he makes, whether its short, medium or long passes look exactly the same. They are straight lazers, which result in him having alot of tipped footballs off his receivers hands.
I voted "Other" -- Although (IMO), it's a conbination of several things...some of which,
aren't listed (i.e. coaching, scheme changes, etc.) Aside from those, his most glaring
defects seem to be the decisions he makes come Game-Day, and his natural Football
decision making under pressure
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wide open receivers
Mechanics but I voted that because of his accuracy. I dont believe it that has any thing to do with the famous "leg lock". Decision making comes in a close 2nd
High and Short ! can't read the D , and don't know how to move the D with his eyes , stairing down his recivers other than that he is a prowbowler in some people on this webzone's mind !

Decision making. Under pressure he folds like an accordian.
Ball Placement
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His supporters and his critics have pointed out each one of those flaws at one time or another. A good QB eventually overcomes these obstacles. We can still go back to Alex's most recent 10 games, and attribute each of the above said characteristics to him at one point or another.
fly's criticism
Its REALLY simple whats wrong with him:

1. He has NO swag whatsoever! He plays with no emotion, confidence and has no "f*ck it about him.

2. He's not accurate.

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