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Are We going to burn out Gore?

Originally posted by Jabuke:
I'm more worried that we've wasted his entire career without a single playoff game.

True. Hopefully it can be changed going forward.
I want to ease your mind 9er faithful. our dearly beloved back, Frank Gore has only had one season where he had 300 carries. Only the following year, he had 260 has he come close.

Adding all his carries, and yards together and dividing the games he has played, Gore only averages 16 carries a game in his career.

This is significantly lower than most backs that are of equal Michael Turner who averages over 300 per year, or ladanian tomlinson who averages about the same.

They are doing a great job of not giving gore the ball. Plus a lot of his touches are passes too. i would like to see him recieve a little more and then they can add dixon or westbrook in there.

BTW, we are doing a terrible job of using westbrook.
If you ask Frank it's never too much , he's a typical great RB they always want the ball. I would like to see the coaching staff mix in some Dixon and Westbrook. Westbrook has a lot of talent that our coaches have woefully let set on the bench. I would like to see Dixon getting a few carries especially in the red zone and close to the goal line , let's get this kid some game experience. I would like to see Westbrook and Dixon at least getting more involved than we have so far. I would love to see Gore fresh for the playoffs when and if we get there.
Are we going to ask the same questions year after year
Originally posted by PatrickWillis52:
Are we going to ask the same questions year after year

Yup! We never utilize our other backs.
I think part of Gore's fumble problem is that we haven't had a suitable backup for awhile. Gore has to handle all the short yardage situations, which allowes defenders to TEE off on him.

Dixon should be our short yardage back and absorb those blows for Gore. Gore is better suited to break long ones when the D is spread out.

Im not saying Gore sucks at short yardage, but that it where RBs take alot of abuse.
the more carries gore gets the more fantasy points i get so let the man run the ball

but that is what RBs are for
not with his new endorsement deal:

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