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Post Game Analysis (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

Alex wasn't the weak spot but he wasnt the strong spot. So he along with the coaches need to go.
Oh, kidash, you prolong our pain.

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Somebody needs to get fired ASAP.


and singletary.... and let taylor mays play SS pls

firing a HC midseason is always bad you have to change everything thats never good

fire OC now
fire HC after season

seriously raye is holding u s back no doubt about it
wow, i take back every good thing i have said about the 9ers this season. We have been completely out played and out coached. Fire Sing, fire Raye, release Smith, demolish candlestick, kill Jed York - I am so disgusted right now, we suck and suck baaaaad! The only thing we'll contend for is a 1st round draft pick. This will be the 1st year a team with a 7-9 record will win a division.

We are down by 3 scores at the end of the 3rd and WE ARE RUNNING THE MOTHERf**kING BALL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Alex is too afraid to look down field because Anthony Davis is a bust.
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Same old stuff....

We aren't prepared and sleep walk in 10:00 AM Starts
We can't win on the road
The only games our guys seem to want to play hard is the MNF games
We get out coached all around dang near every game
We shoot ourselves in the foot
The offensive line was horrible
the play calling was horrible
defense got beat on screens and gave up after offense fails

The bright side.... Alex Smith wasn't the weak spot on the field for the second straight week. That was the offensive line and on the sidelines it was Jimmy Raye.

why dont u get lost and take alex smith with u
Give me a coach that puts all of our players in a position to be successful week in and week out, and i'll be happy with that.

Give me this, and then if Alex and company fail im all for it, but until then.

I'll continue to say Go niners, 0-3 or not. I just love my team.
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Originally posted by jreff22:
Somebody needs to get fired ASAP.

I am verrrry dissapointed in the niners and thier coaching staff change has to come soon!! I have tickets to the atlanta game...I will have my brown paper bag cover my head...I F#$@$%&^%%%$$$$%%^
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Sit Chilo Rachal. He sucked in Seattle and today. Why change up the line that dominated the Saints? SO STUPID!!!!

Chilo does suck
Came out slow, with horrible, horrible coaching.

Bad o-line and QB play don't help. Screen passes raped up.
Man, Shanahan and McNabb sure do sound good right about now...

We can't win on the road, and we can't win against opponents outside of the division. Same s**t year after year.
Something gotta happen....i can't this too much longer...
SING, RAYE, and even Alex should get canned! RAYE for sure needs to get canned right after the game.
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We can't win on the road or at home

This game was worse that Seattle

Seattle and KC both drew up a great game plan and all Sing can do is relay on his "motivational" techniques. It's not 1980. Coaching has taken over the NFL and we hired a coach that is as far away as possible to a tactician.

Singletary has to go and he needs to stick to being someones assistant.

Let's see who he throws under the bus this week
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