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Riding on Raye's Wheelchair

the old man called a great game tonight, he HAS TO get credit for the way the 49ers offense looked on MNF

go Raye!

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450 yards is pretty productive play calling.
Yeah, F*ck you Yahoo! dag nabbit.
"Damn kids, get off my lawn! oh right, you're the players...."
as another poster stated, are we sure that he even called the plays after the wild cat?

I'll give him credit for this game. He had some good calls. I hope he keeps it up and maybe having Alex wear the wristband will work out.
Lol at the first Quarter Raye called some sh!ty plays but after the 1st quarter for some reason he woke up. Probably his worst play was the taser run by westbrook on 3rd and 2 wtf was that.
When we started the game with two dives up the middle I thought, "here we go again." Overall I give him a A-.

I would like to see Westbrook used a lot more.
I would not like to see the "taser" ever again.
Great call. He is finally mixing it up and passing on first downs later in the game. Of course hindsight is 20/20, but I kind of wish we would have pounded the rock instead of throw the slant on 1st down on Smith's 2nd int that got deflected. Gore was really in rhythm and we had just completed a big pass, or maybe that was vernon's PI I can't remember.

Overall I think Raye proved a lot this game. He gave his team a chance to win against a top 3 team in the NFL and the turnovers weren't his fault.
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Great game from Raye, The first 6 plays had me shaking my head but he finally started listening to me and let alex start slinging it. It started with some dump offs and short gains and you could tell Alex started to get a feel of the Saints D, because he just started completing passes left and right.

I liked seeing Dixon on the goal line, i mentioned it earlier this week, that kid has a nose for the endzone, no offense to frank but there is a good possibility he would have just ran that into a wall.

If Raye can figure out how to utilize Westbrook then we are good to go.

I think if we can play at that level consistently the 49ers will dominate... there are only a few teams that can sneak a win like the saints did.

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I just want to point out Smith called his own plays during the last 2 min.
Originally posted by darkknight49:
"Damn kids, get off my lawn! oh right, you're the players...."

Originally posted by LoboLtnLvr49er:
Yeah, F*ck you Yahoo! dag nabbit.

you mean RAT !
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