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Who is the first starter to get replaced? (Not a Smith thread)

HARALSON, by far. Easy choice IMO.

He's done NOTHING since signing that contract after 2008. Laboy can get after the QB, Haralson.........not so much.
haralson by laboy
Just watched the game again for my fantasy.........Harlson needs to go...........

1. He is terrible at shedding blocks(probably worse out of all LBs)
2. He is a liability and space (so many missed tackles)
3. His tackling is sub par, he is so lost in space( Hope it's not him vs reggie wide open
4. He is not a game changer like ware or spencer
5. He is a prototypical 4-3 D.E period.... Only should be used in nickel E.O.S
6. Go back to 5 he is too small at 6ft 255..... If you are that small playing a 3-4 OLB you must possess extreme tenacity ie James Harrison 6ft 245

If Laboy 6-3 250, Brooks 6-3 259, and even Briggs 6-4 240 Improve in pass coverage and Run support( which shouldn't be hard with how bad Harlson is) they should be looked at in getting more reps and one actually being a starter.

Getting Bigger makes it ever more difficult to run against us, and will make us look more like a Dallas D with big OLBs that get after the QB, and a strong line. Harlson needs a huge game this week, or he must go.

I'm thinking Norris will be the first to lose time
Harelson. By my boy Brooks!!!! 2 sacks for brooks this week.
Lewis by Mays.
Norris by Byham
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Originally posted by jreff22:
The list of guys I think could be losing some reps very soon or replaced at some point in the season.



Would like to see more of Brooks
Not saying who will get replaced but I have noticed...

Byham has been lining up at fullback more often... he can also catch the ball and is a better WR than Norris. Not sure he would take over full time at FB though. He is more of an H-Back.

LaBoy has been on 3rd downs for Haralson... got a sack against Seattle but didn't do a whole lot against the Saints

Brooks has been coming in on 3rd downs for Lawson at times... even saw him on 1st and 2nd down for one series. Don't expect him to replace Lawson though who has been playing well.

I think Rachal takes over for Snyder when he gets healthy. Rachal is the weak link on the line but he is probably the best out of him, Snyder and Wragge. Wragge is a free agent after this year... Rachal and Snyder after next year. If Rachal doesn't step up maybe we draft a replacement this off season and let Wragge or Snyder walk.

Clements played pretty well against the Saints. The Seahawks game he did as well minus the one bite and the one pass given up on third down. Don't see anybody replacing him. Brown is closer to #4 than #2.

Lewis hasn't been doing horrible... he's been alright but I think his veteran experience is the only thing keeping Mays off the field.
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Originally posted by chico49erfan:
We all know Moran Norris won't ever be replaced because Frank Gore loves him

I would agree with Brown as well dude hasn't shown anything exciting. I'd love to see Reggie Smith get out there at SS. Watching Michael Lewis get BURNED by Mike Williams, the slowest receiver of all time, was pathetic. But can Singletary learn to change? Probably not.

He benched S.Hill,Clements last year
Originally posted by ForeverYoung8:
Lewis by Mays.
I would like to see Brooks in for Haralson. Haralson should go back to being a situational pass rusher like in 2008.
I'd like to see Brooks play more but mostly I'd like to see Rachel get benched.
Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
I want to see Ahmad Brooks and Travis Laboy on the field on all potential passing downs. I guess that means Lawson and Haralson can take a seat. I'd bench Haralson first as he seems to be mediocre at just about everything these days.

I think at some point, the Niners will realize it's easier to have an OLB sack a QB, bat down a pass, force a QB to scramble into an IC or force a TO then have Manny 20-something yards down the field trying to "cover." Every time Brooks/LaBoy are on the field, they make plays. Period. The OLB is the "playmaking" position on defense. We need playmakers and may have them sitting on the bench. Hmmm
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