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Who is the first starter to get replaced? (Not a Smith thread)

anthony davis
M.Lewis. he got burned to the inside by Mike Williams!!!!! Mike Williams!!!

btw where is Mark Roman??
Barring a freakish display of competence from Rachal in the coming weeks, there's absolutely no way he keeps his starting job when Heitmann's ready to come back in. Only question should be who slides over to Guard? I'd put Heitmann there even if all it does is give us piece of mind in pass protect. Should help Davis settle down with the captain playing next to him. Maybe Heitmann will hold his hand until he cuts the sh*t with the false starts...Ambiguously gay duo style.
Alex Smith
Originally posted by loud3800:
alex smith he sux
Really though, the answer is probably Alex Smith, just cause he's the most high profie and everyone on our defense is very established. Personally I'd take out Norris, Clements has been taken out before so its possible T. Brown takes his place again, although he'll still be around to play the nickel. I'd like to see La Boy over Haralson, I think we have enough guys who are "good against the run" and not a single legitimate pass rusher--except maybe La Boy.
Michael Lewis to Reggie Smith....and Haralson will not get replaced just more rotation with LaBoy and Brooks
Originally posted by HessianDud:
Brown. I think he'll be replaced by James as soon as he's healthy.

But Rachal might technically be replaced sooner because of injury.

I agree, I liked what I saw out of Will James. I was pissed when he got injured in the preseason. He still looks like he has some good years in him despite his age. I think he'll help us out much more than T Brown will. That's sad to say because I liked T Brown a lot but he is looking bad these days.
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
The only one I wouldn't replace is Chilo. I'd say Nate but who are we going to replace him with. Probably should be Norris, he's just not athletic enough because he's old and he can't do very much stuff. I'd take Caulcrick over him.


our OC Ray !
Norris will be replaced by Byham, he is more versatile! Clements may be next if he gets eaten up again this Monday night.
Haralson, Chilo
Originally posted by elguapo:
Michael Lewis to Reggie Smith....and Haralson will not get replaced just more rotation with LaBoy and Brooks

Taylor MAys please. you have a hitter and a much improved pass defender who is hungry to win.
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Originally posted by 49ersBest1:
Bench Crabtree for a couple of games in favor of playing time for Zeigler. There is really no reason Zeigler should be showing Crabtree how to lineup correctly. Let Crabs get the hint.

Right on! I couldn't believe Crabtree wasn't even on the list!

He was clearly unprepared, lining up wrong, running incorrect routes, giving up on a pass in his hands that turned into one interception, and then giving ZERO EFFORT on another to tackle the interceptor!

Singletary talks about accountability, but then he lets certain players get a free pass! If Sing loses the team, it will be from talking the talk, but not walking the walk. I smell danger!

Bench Crabtree until he starts SHOWING in practice that he's ready to play!
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