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I think we cut the wrong QB !

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Originally posted by cNiner:
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Mike Singletary on KNBR: Says the hope is that the 49ers are able to place QB Nate Davis on their practice squad.Because Nate Davis was released so late MON, the waiver process won't begin until today. Niners must wait until WED to see if he passes ...[/b]

he should stick to teaching the D or LB how to play , insted of Dreaming of Nate Davis would last and come back to practice squad

I am real interested to see who (if anyone) puts a claim on him. Whoever it is will be starting from scratch... actually less than scratch. It will be like a rookie all over again... the downside for the team is he is starting behind everyone else who's been through training camp, ota's and the preseason AND he has a learning disability.

Honestly it's probably in Nate's best interest to clear waivers and sign to the 9ers practice squad. Other wise it will be a year and a half from now before he knows 2/3 of his new playbook.

What are the rules if someone claims him... does he have to be on their active roster? IF so I could see that being a deterent considering the learning curve he will face.
i just believe we signed the wrong qb after cutting the wrong qb from the roster.
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Okay EEEEEENough already.

Christ we're talking about the THIRD STRING QB!!!!!

I swear you would have though we traded Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis to the Cardinald for Matt Lienart and a 7th round pick.

Again say it with me .....


dont joke around

GM has a point. He was here a full year and he only knows a fraction of the playbook. You would think that a guy in his situation and with his SITUATION, would work harder at their game to compensate for his deficiencies. Feel me?

Alex is just learning the playbook and he has had over 60% 0f the snaps while Davis has gotten maybe 5%. But regardless of that, Davis looked better than Smith lat preseason and looks better than Carr this preseason. It is sad to say, but Sing has demonstrated a lack of coaching and leadership ability here. What makes good coaches good is that they coach towards their talent and Davis has talent. Good leadership encourages; not discourages. People here are right to have a bad feeling about this one as every objective indication suggest that this was a bad move. He did not deserve all of the cricism that he recieved; not with scrubs like Byham making the team. The blocking that I saw him do resulted in him getting knocked on his butt. He could not hold on to the difficult catch when he got popped becasue he slowed down after his cut and simply dropped passes that were righ in his had, but you keep this scrub over Davis? Sing is on some BS!

I am tired of hearing that BS about the only thing Davis could do is improvise and make plays. Hell, he is a playmaker; and that is what they do! MAKE PLAYS; which he has shown far more ability that any of the high IQ,intellegent and hard working system QB's on this squad. Damn right Davis will be selected and he should not even take Sings call. Da hell with him with his backward azz; no vision; under-developing coaching; text book, stale mentality. Alex better show up and Sing better win; or both of them a feel the swing door hit them where sing conducts his motivational speaking and the sun don't shine. I hate a coward MF; which is what he is proving to be. No resiliance.

You don't bring a man in who you already know requires special attention; give him minimal snaps although this is how he best learns; publicly criticize him for not being on the same level as the others who have been in the league much longer; call him up on a holiday to tell him he is being cut and then talk about wanting him back. Sing needs to kiss his own azz for that one.

If Davis WANTED to be on the 49ers 53 man roster then he should have put in the effort during the off-season. How can you expect Davis to get snaps when he doesn't know majority of the plays? Smith is the starter, he has put in the effort and has shown that he can move the chains and produce with this offense(even without Gore, Davis and Crabtree). It's understandable that you were a Nate Davis fan, but to get this upset over a 3rd string QB? Nate Davis was never going to be a starting QB for the 49ers unless some tragic event happened like it did in 07. Good luck to Nate Davis and welcome Troy Smith to the 49ers! Hopefully his work ethic (the same work ethic that Nate Davis lacked) will push him into the QB #2 position because holy geez if our season comes down to Carr we're screwed.

First of all, it is amazing to me that how many of you accept one part of Sing's statment and totaly ignore the other part where Sing says he is working his tail off. So is he lazy? No! Never the less, he responded professionaly and with the right humble response; "I did work hard; but not hard enough I guess." Nate's issue was not one of effort; but one of knowing how to prepare. But, that is in part a significant responsibility of your coaching staff; to coach!

This is nothing to do with effort. What it has to do with is that Nate is not a good third string QB as he is not going to run the opposing team's plays as well as others. Nate has way more natural talent than the others. But he is not as good of a third string QB. But good coaching strategy does not get rid of talent only to replace it with a player who can help you prepare. Hell, he should have gotten rid of that scrub Byham and kept 4 QBs. Nate will not get picked up to be put on some other team's practice squad. He will be on some team's roster and will be properly groomed to start in the league.

Never the less, beyond letting a talent go in order to get a better practice player, is the manner is which it happened. You don't put a player down like that; release him and then say we want you back. That's like bringing in Carr and giving him more snaps than Alex; but turning around and criticizing Alex in the press that he is not grasping the playbook well enough; yet you want him to start. That's some odd interaction there. Nate will be OK. Trust me. It's the 49ers who loose out in this transaction; which I as a +25 year fan am tired of seeing this team do. Stupid shyt because of mediocre coaching and short sighted leadership. You don't expose your talent after one year; when you know he got talent which is why you want him back. That's plain dumb.

This is just ridiculous.... yes which way am I going... Nate was not cut because he is a bad practice player. He was cut because he has no chance ZERO of ever being the starting QB in SF - EVER. He is a poor 3rd string QB right now... he doesn't even know his own plays - not for a lack of reps.. hell grab a wr trying to make the squad and go get reps on your own... Jerry Glanville said it best, "This is the NFL which stands for Not For Long" NO one has time to baby sit a guy who isn't willing to put in extra work in the offseason... he should know that in training camps, OTAs and the regurlar season the starters are getting virtually ALL the reps AND they should. Why the hell would they waste time in practice on a 3rd string QB who might some day be a good qb but has no chance of helping the team now or next year and now EVER!

I think this offseason was given to Davis to prove something... I think the coaches wanted him as the #2, not Carr, but he did nothing... no extra work in the offseason... and he can bust his ass all he wants once he gets here its too freaking late sorry dude. IF Davis didn't get it this year he was never going to be the QB here... the franchise does not have the time to waste (wait) on him. The rest of the team is ready to develop NOW!

Alex Smith is either here long term or gone next year, Nate is not and will not be ready to take over as a starter at that time... so you wanna bring in another crappy veteran for a year.. two ... three? NO, The decision on the future QB will be made by next season either its Smith, or we go get someone who can play next year... not a 5th round project.

Damn no wonder people calls us the forty whiners...

Do you actually hear your own words? You don't learn a playbook by getting a WR to throw to. You learn by doing which is most evident with Alex's progression. He is gettting better because he is spending more time doing. I guarantee you that if Nate had recieved 60% of the reps while Alex recieved 5%; he would know the playbook better than Alex.

And yes, the third string QB has a role and that role is help the team prepare by playing the opposing team's QB during practice. Anyone who argues that the new 3rd string QB; either Smith or Carr, is not better equped to do that than Davis is not paying attention. But good teams build upon their potential; both in the short term and in the long run. It's not like this team is so stacked at QB that it can simply forego potential talent and I am 100% confident that Nate would have done much better than Alex did during his first year as a starting QB; if for no other reason than him being a better playmaker and having better players to work with than Alex. Yet, this team was commited to Alex's potential when he too needed time to learn the playbook. But beyond all of that; my distaste involves how it was done. You siply don't do that and think that it won't come back in bite yo.

I don't get it. Alex Smith was drafted to be a starter (for better or worse). Nate Davis was a late round, "uh, I guess we'll take this guy" pick when they already had Shaun Hill & Alex Smith. But you seem perplexed that they did not treat Davis like another starter. Why would you think that any NFL team would treat a late round pick who was struggling on the 3rd string the same as a starter?

I think that there are nearly as many starting QB's in the league who are not first round draft choices than those who are. This suggest that draft position alone should not determine how a player is to be coached or managed.

No, I am not suggesting that draft position alone dictates how a team manages/coaches a player. What I am saying is noob 3rd string QBs are not going to get the same coaching as an incumbent starting QB on any NFL team.
Originally posted by cNiner:
It shows how Sing is not there at all, if you have no faith in your Back up qb aka Carr why keep him ? we should have cut him and moved on with troy Smith insted of getting rid of Nat lots of potanital Davis ! Sing got to question this decision

Rather than read the 10 pages of response to this RETARDED thread, I'm gonna skip to the end with my knee-jerk response:

You have no idea, at all, of what you speak, write, whatever.
Many will agree and many will disagree, but the truth is that we can't have a guy that has an arm be the only reason to keep him.

Carr has a deep ball, and it may be the only thing he has. He still doesnt get rid of the ball fast enough and seems to have no confidence in every snap, but he has a deep ball. And in our system we have a high importance to that asset.

Now to the Nate Davis being released. How would you like it if you had a fan base being divided on which quarterback to take the helm? Singletary is a lot smarter than you think. It seems that having those talks with Bill Walsh had a great impact on his decision taking. Getting rid of Shaun Hill only to show he is backing up Alex Smith all the way (Steve DeBerg being traded, only go give Joe Mantana the keys, and the same with Steve Young under Seifert).

Now Nate Davis does have a lot of patential, but how much does patential mean when you don't put in the work. He has to learn first, now we might get lucky and he wont get picked up and we can do something to keep him around, but until then we are 100% behind Alex Smith because he has earned it and he deserves a full season to show us he can play. We don't need any distractions or controversies' during the season. That is why we released Nate Davis, sorry guys.

Who cares!!! This is our season to melt together and become a good team under the players we have gathered and show the league who really shines the brightest under the spot light...

I'm going to the Saints game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Niner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by 9erfan4life:
Originally posted by cNiner:
It shows how Sing is not there at all, if you have no faith in your Back up qb aka Carr why keep him ? we should have cut him and moved on with troy Smith insted of getting rid of Nat lots of potanital Davis ! Sing got to question this decision

are you there lol

I trust Singletary that hangs out with the dude on a daily over a fan that has no idea what goes on behind the scenes

If its true Nate had a s**tty work ethic and couldn't learn Jimmy's playbook (all what 12 plays) that's sad

Seriously guys sing new what he was doing. I'd take troy smith over davis. who works harder? who puts effort in? the coaches know more than we do they interact with the players on a daily basis and in the off season. from what i have heard davis dropped the ball this off season.
Originally posted by cNiner:
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Mike Singletary on KNBR: Says the hope is that the 49ers are able to place QB Nate Davis on their practice squad.Because Nate Davis was released so late MON, the waiver process won't begin until today. Niners must wait until WED to see if he passes ...[/b]

he should stick to teaching the D or LB how to play , insted of Dreaming of Nate Davis would last and come back to practice squad

I just pray that he doesn't get signed to our practice squad. That way, the discussion of Nate Davis: Future Starter will finally, mercifully, be put to an end and we can all get on with our football lives. You know, the one where Alex Smith is our starting QB?

Not sure how many teams are willing to buy into a QB who's inept at learning an offense in 2+ years time.

Dyslexia + can't differentiate left from right? Nate has become his own worst enemy.
.. oh, and he scored a whopping 11 on the Wonderlic
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Originally posted by FILTHpigskin:
Originally posted by 4949:
Originally posted by FILTHpigskin:

LOL... looks like someone else doesn't know what a franchise QB is. Terrell Owens made Jeff Garcia what he was, and that was a slightly above average player at his position. You don't think that, with the weapons we currently have on offense, Smith could lead this team to the playoffs?

If Terrell Owens made Jeff Garcia why is it that TO put up his best numbers with Garcia as his QB and not McNabb or Romo?

Best numbers? His highest average per reception was 16.7 with Dallas in 2007. His highest yards per game was 109 with the Eagles in 2005. Terrell Owens was pretty consistent no matter who his QB was:

I really hope you are kidding, You judge WRs by highest yards per game when they only reached 763 yards that season and think thats better then a year when they broke 1400 yards?

You mention he had higher yards per game one season with the eagles and higher yards per catch one year with the Cowboys but if you want to use stats that the rest of the world use to judge a WR check RECEPTIONS, YARDS, and TOUCHDOWNS. His highest in the areas that count was with the niners.
Originally posted by darkknight49:

Woah! This is like an extreme skateboarders wet dream! Alex Smith or Nate Davis, only time will tell if they wet their pants or savor this thrill ride.
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They should have traded all three for Tom Brady
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