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Davis to be cut after all

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For a second I thought this thread was about Vernon.

Nate Davis, Vernon Davis, Anthony Davis, Anthony Dixon.

QB Smith, the other QB Smith, Justin Smith, Reggie Smith.

i don't think he's calling you dumb. more agreeing with you that everyone's names are the same and its annoying as f**k

good thing we have him on speed dial
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Losing Robinson is a bigger deal then losing Davis.

You're typing out your ass.

Robinson was useless on offense and over-rated on special teams. He was a "pro bowl alternate," which tells me the pro bowl voting for special teams is an absolute joke. He wasn't even OUR best special teamer last year, that was McKillop. His lead blocking did nothing, seeing as how our return game was the worst in the league last year. Yet he somehow is a pro bowl alternate? What a joke.

On the other hand, Nate Davis is an emergency QB, who had the physical talents to do his job if it came down to that. Now, if Smith gets hurt for an extended period (don't act like it can't happen, just look at '07 AND '08), we're one play away from.. Well, actually, I don't know what the hell we're going to do if Carr were to go down in that situation.

Releasing Nate Davis could be a problem. Releasing Robinson isn't going to affect us.


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WOW, Stupidest decision i've seen singletary make since he's been here.

Davis is a STAR!!! IN THE MAKING!

Lettin the future GO!

Calm down the dude sucked.

How did he sucked, He looked so much better than Smith, davis actually looked more comfortable than smith, and knows how to move in the pocket and still make a pass, and has better passes on the run. and His ARM is ridiculous, makes Jamarcus russell look like a Vagine.

Two years and nate davis was makin progress, and we even keep that douche Carr.

Damn, disappointing!

He wasn't making progress, that's the problem.

he's also only 2 years into his career!, i think once this guy gets down the playbook, he'll be dominatin the league!

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This only happens when you have a head coach who has no clue about the value of quarterback play. The league has changed, and the need for the QB to consistently make plays has greatly incresed...but Sing is still living in the 80's in terms of his formula for success.

Haters will hate, but we will regret letting this kid walk away. Give Nate a solid head coach/QB mentor, some time/patience to develop behind a veteran QB and he could turn into a star.

How does it feel guys?

As it stands right now, I was wrong about Davis.

Let's check back in a few years though and see, since careers don't define themselves after 1 year. But right now, you can gloat all you want....
i still think Davis is better than Carr and has more talent (potential) than A.Smith. I actually hope another team swoops him up and gives him a chance. Cuz with the hard headed coaching staff we have here, he'll never get a shot.
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