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Get rid of the raider ads and pop ups

Webmaster, why is the webzone inundated with so many darn raider ads? They are on the top of the page, on the side of the page; when I redirect to an article, the intermediate page has a raider ad.

What is up with that? I hate seeing all that nasty black! Can you please do something?
I've never seen a Raider ad on here....
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I've never seen any ad here of any sort.
Are you guys serious? On my 49erswebzone home page, just to the right of the newswire section, all I have been getting is raider ads for tickets. I even have them at the top next to my 49erswebzone banner and just below the news wire section. Then, when I select a news article, whether it's a Sac Bee or SF Chronicle or CSN BA, the intermediate page has the article link but above that is a raider ad.

The area where these ads are has a small "i" and when I put my cursor on it, it says "ads by Google" Does any one know how to change this?
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