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49ers Store?

Well fellas I made it here to Frisco from TX. Are there any 49ers stores here? I went along the bay/wharf/piers and found a shop that sold lots of niners stuff, but pretty pricey. I'll be staying in San Jose after tonight. One of the dude in the store said there was a Niner store in Santa Clara. True? I searched online and can't find one. Man in TX there are Cowgirl shops every damn where? Help!
Sports Fever and Winners over at Valley Fair mall in the Santa Clara/North San Jose area as well as Sports Fever and Fanzz at Oakridge Mall in South San Jose are pretty stocked full of authentic gear. They should also have gear available at training camp, which I'm assuming you're going to, but only in limited selections and quantities.

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Anything that's at the pier, other tourist attractions, or at actual games are expensive.

And any mall in the area will have a sports store that'll have Niner gear
Winners at Valley Fair mall is the place I get my SF Giants gear and SF 49ers gear.
Thank you my niner family. I will be at training camp today, tomorrow, and wednesday
how early do they start letting people in training camp?
Originally posted by Texas9er:
how early do they start letting people in training camp?

an hour before i'm pretty sure
You could also buy 49er gear at the training camp. The prices are decent. about minihelmets..back home walmart and academy ssell them for like 20 too?
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