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Video: 2010 49ers Preview

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Enjoy fellow Niner fans.
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Thanks, Nef that was pretty good.
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Come on, people Nef did a good job with that video. How about a thank you for the effort.
that gave me a boner
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Originally posted by valrod33:
that gave me a boner

That's the spirit, valrod.
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Wow man, nice work!! I could watch that a million times, you should do more Niners videos for sure!
That was the best one I've seen yet! The Niners should pay you for that. Amazing.
Originally posted by valrod33:
that gave me a boner

I'm gonna need a towel for the chair I'm sitting on...
more video and less text, but overall ..Awesome
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Nice Job , really enjoyed video !

Made my short and curlies stand up on end!!!!

Some of those close ups and how you delivered them transition to transition were spot on, man! Great job.

However, I would love to see more of those where certain plays just make you jump out of your seat like Davis's TD against the Rams and the sack against Gerrard. I say take out the text altogether and include more of those types of plays even with the rooks and FA sections. There are a couple of Ginn's ST TDs. I love the Mays hit and the Dixon TD. That's what I am talkin bout!

Great job!! I love that first part with Singletary just barkin out mad. Never saw that one before. That got me more pumped than all of them.

I can't wait for preseason where I can see all the youngin's get their turn.

Again, great job!

PS How do you like PowerDirector? Is it easy to use?
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Great quality!! How did you get such good footage? But as others have said, good job and was a nice video.

If I may add to what you posted, (video related), I'd like to share my passion for the 49ers with a series I started a few years ago. This is the most recent in the series with footage from the 2009 season.

Mine is not as good as your video, but I just wanted to add to the epicness that you created!!
Very nice...

About time someone made a unique video.
Well done. Nice work!
great video!
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