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1st TD

opening up on the seahawks means Gore will smash. he loves the seahawks and he scares them to death
Vernon Davis, right down the middle of the field, on the opening drive of the game
Teddy Ginn on a 95 yard kick-off return
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Originally posted by crazzyscotsman:
i say first touchdown alex smith fake to gore and runs 7 yards in for touchdown

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Originally posted by Snider8706:
taylor mays gets a pick 6 then laughs in pete carrolls face.

Dude that was so funny. a little taughting,"How you like me know Pete Fool..............

Smith fake handof to gore up the middle 7yard strick to Davis accross the midle he

score and the niners go 7 up un the seahawks Fool.................
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Niners punt,
Gunner J'Hill causes fumble on initial hit, B.Miller picks it up and runs it in for 6
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Kyle Williams on a punt return!
Gore, 75 yard run through the middle of Seattle's defense.
Joe Nedney on a "muffed" FG attempt, where he picks up the loose ball, and takes it the distance for the score, fighting off Sea Sparrow defenders along the way.
TED GINN KICK RETURN!!! This is why we picked him up!!

Crabtree 25 yard TD off play-action.
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Moran Norris on a FB dive, in week 3.
Brian Jennings on a Long-Snapper sneak for 98 yards and the TD!
5 yard toss to a wide open Nate Byham, who juggles the ball 3 times before hauling it in.
Alex Smith throws and INT to the Seachickens "D" and they return it for a TD.
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