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Tedd Ginn Jr. Returner or Receiver?

Why not both?
how about both?
If OTAs are any indication, definitely don't want him as punt returner.

he'll probably be the 4th or 5th receiver and a return man. i think the top 3 WRs are Crabs, Morgan and Hill, from what ive been reading hill is having a good offseason so far and i am very happy to hear that because i think the guy has talent. Ginn needs to work on his hands at both return man and receiver.
Ginn will be used as the primary kick returner and maybe sometimes for punts. He will aslo be the 3rd wr and sometimes the 4th depending if we are going to go deep or throw a wr screen. Ginn is great at screens and going deep. He is also one of the best at returning kicks.....just ask the jets....that was hands down the best kickoff return i have ever seen second to only the human joystick Dante hall against the broncos
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Nice stats! I think last year we had to keep extra protection on the line a fair amount of the time. The center of our line sucked. A rookie, injured Baas and average Heitman then Snyder on the right side. 3 WR were really rare.

I think this year those numbers should double at least which is what you said and I agree, Ginn should be able to do it. He's going from #1 wideout to an occasional #3. Pressures off so hopefully he does ok. I'm expecting a few drops and a few catches. I'd really like to see us able to use a 3rd WR more than we have. It felt like defenses just constantly put pressure on us all last season and we only made them pay with VD occasionally.

From what I read, we may have continued problems at Returner. I really thought we'd take a returner over Mays but I'm not guna complain about stealing Mays in the 2nd. Guess we'll just hope for not too many muffed returns.

Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Originally posted by prime21:
I think he should stick with reuturning kicks. Look at Hester, he was a great returner who isnt much of a receiver. The term "stretching the field" in this league is thrown aound too loosely, The raiders have Heyward Bey "stretching the field"; and I havent checked, but Im guessing that their passing game didnt benefit greatly from it. I cant even name any great receivers who relied solely on speed to get the job done. Jerry Rice wasnt very fast but he could just flat out play, and it seems to me that he would stretch the field quite nicely, not cause of his speed but because of his big play ability. I hope Ginn turns a corner as a WR if we are planning on seriously considering him as a top wideout on our roster.

The 3WR position on this team isn't exactly demanding. In the previous years the numbers are low to say the least:

3rd WR Season Statistics (Based on number of catches):
2007: Ashley Lelie 10 rec 115 yd 11.5 av 47 lg 0 TD
2008: Jason Hill 30 rec 317 yd 10.6 av 33 lg 2 TD
2009: Isaac Bruce 21 rec 264 yd 12.6 av 50 lg 0 TD

So you have to think that the third WR will get more than last year but less than a Mike Martz system. Maybe 24 rec 310 yd 12.9 av 2 TD. I think Ginn Jr. can get that.
Originally posted by chimp914:
Why not both?
Originally posted by matthewabbit:
Had the niners done even slightly better in the return game last year you could chalk up 2 more easy victorys to our 8-8 season. seriously we were nearly last in the nfl in return yards and got robbed of victorys due to numerous fumbles in that department. had we retained Rossum last year i truly thiink we would have made the playoffs with a merely mediocre return man... So it is my understanding that Ginn was brought in to adress that problem directly. As Ginn is regarded by many to be the best in the game at return skills I think it would take an injury or drastic improvement by Ginn at wr to redirect his skills. Our Wr core is deep has talent and the return game...????? not so much. We were that close last year

Except for that fact that the team has down played his involvment in the return game, and remains focused on his abilities as a WR. This is from several quotes from Sing, as well as the fact that they drafted 1 player, and signed another rookie FA, specifically because they had return ability. Thats the only reason Vann is on the team is to return kicks.

If they were so sure that Ginn would return, then why would they go get Vann and Williams on draft weekend?

I prefer Ginn as a returner. I don't like him as a WR. I wish the team would force him to focus his energies on the return game and make practicing as a WR secondary, but they aren't. I really do believe the team is trying to polish what they see as a diamond in the rough, when it's likely Ginn is what he has been. Deficient........
he cant be any worse than Brandon Jones and I got some faith in the guy if we can kinda help VDs dropping prob than maybe we can help Ted
Hopefully neither. He will probally get cut if he continues in training camp like he did in OTA's.

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sure just putting Ginn on the line will force defences to account for him and give vernons legs a break on those seam routes but until sombody else steps up and proves themselves as a legit return threat then id say keep him running back kicks.
Originally posted by kezar49er:
Hopefully neither. He will probally get cut if he continues in training camp like he did in OTA's.

come on dude
I hope he's both.
Originally posted by waiting4number6:
I hope he's both.
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