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Is Anthony Davis a BUST?

Is Anthony Davis a BUST?

We drafted a 320lb 20 year old and asked him to start right away with coaching from the Singletary regime. Lets give the young man some time.
Originally posted by brizznasty:
Yeah so did Vernon, of coarse Chilo was hiding in the back, no surprise there.

I loved his nasty play (during and POST game lol) today.

I'll take a few false farts as long as he is a beast in the run game and hitting fools.

Derrick Deese would get a few PF but there was one year he didn't give up a sack at LT
he just needs to reel in the penalties other than that hes been pretty good the last few games. Both Gore runs were to his side. At least hes not as bad as staley imo
Anthony Davis refused to be bullied today. This is what's missing from his game until today.

Pretty sure he will be solid from now on
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You guys can hate on Anthony all you want but I saw him punking fools today. He is one tough S.O.B.
hopefully this sparked his play. keep it going and get better through the bye
I kinda hope he shuts his trap on twitter though. Fool was going at it with some lions player a few minutes ago. That and Culliver was saying we shut down megatron lol. These guys lol
Anthony Davis is f**ken hilarious!
Anthony Davis is a beast!!!
AD 76 impressed this fan today! Whole line was solid against maybe the most feared DL in the league.

looks pretty good to me now lol
Look very good today.

Staley .... that's another story.
Originally posted by Prospector:
AD 76 impressed this fan today! Whole line was solid against maybe the most feared DL in the league.

definitely not a bust. just has to keep getting better, get more disciplined. young kid with a ton of room to grow still. love the attitude, just has to get it focused better.
Anthony showed physical and mental toughness today! He never backed down against Suh and the DE rotation the Lions have! All in all a great effort from the whole team! Also, I think Harbaugh would KNOCK Schwartz if there was a fight
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