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0-5 Start to the new Season

Here is our full 2010 season schedule:

Sun 9/12 @Seahawks
Mon 9/20 Saints
Sun 9/26 @Chiefs
Sun 10/03 @Falcons
Sun 10/10 Eagles
Sun 10/17 Raiders
Sun 10/24 @Panthers
Sun 10/31 Broncos
Sun 11/14 Rams
Sun 11/21 Buccaneers
Mon 11/29 @Cardinals
Sun 12/5 @Packers
Sun 12/12 Seahawks
Thur 12/16 @Chargers
Sun 12/26 @Rams
Sun 1/2 Cardinals

Here are my thoughts and reasons:

Season opener @Seattle is no picnic - LOSS
Defending Champions, Saints, very difficult - LOSS
Arrowhead is one of the toughest places to play - LOSS
Falcons, they could kill us - LOSS
Eagles, a strong team - LOSS

I am just trying to look at our season from the worst possible scenario. Above losses are definite possiblities. BUT, let's look at the rest of the season:

Raiders, come on! - WIN
@Panthers, a running team - WIN
Broncos, can you say Tebow? - WIN
Rams, junk - WIN
Bucanneers, we are just better - WIN
@Cardinals, we OWN them - WIN
@Packers, tough one - LOSS
Seahawks, Pete who? - WIN
@Chargers, let's just stay being a pessimist - LOSS
@Rams, they are still the rams - WIN
Cardinals, for the division - WIN

Obviously, I don't want to see us start out 0-5. But, even if we were to start out 0-5, we can end up at 9-7. AND if we can win 2 out of those first 5 games and unfortunately lose an unexpected one somewhere, we would still end up at 10-6. And most likely WIN our division.

Before the start of last year, I thought we were going to make the playoffs.... I would have bet my little pinky on that... And would have sadly lost it.

But as you can see, I think we got this now! I am so dang excited for our season. My wish for the playoffs is going to finally happen fo sho! Go Niners!
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First off, we will beat Seattle opening day. We are a stronger team than they are. We are just as good as the Eagles or Falcons now. I'm not saying we will beat them because anything can happen. Plus the Eagles lost McNabb so who knows how Kolb will play. And the Chiefs man? We will beat them. I say 3-2 or 2-3 to start out.
Start 0-5? no way.

Well start at least 3-2

I think we can beat the Eagles, they just don't seem as intimidating without McNabb... especially against us... dude's killed us over and over!

I also think the Seahawks and Chiefs will be W's.

We will more than likely lose to the Saints, and I'm really hoping last year's Falcons game is an anomaly... but we'll see.

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Man if that happens someone needs to be cut or fired ASAP!!!!
Originally posted by NinerGM:

Fail at what? thanks for your thoughts, wannabe niner GM!
After looking at the sched, I can honestly see us going 10-6, as long as Alex and the D hold up.
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You're asking for it....
Eagles are a shell of their former selves.

Originally posted by fly15:
You're asking for it....

Trust me, I am quite aware of what happens to those that talk crap to 'certain few'... But a forum is a place where a fan can voice their opinion.... Good or bad. I am a niner fan as much as anyone I've met in my lifetime. All this is for our team! Go Niners! And NinerGM, you know I'm just messin with you.
9-7 huh? it could happen, but that would be great considering the 0-5 start. Team must start at the very least 2-3.
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I'm calling it right now, we will beat the Saints at home!!!! Our running game will pound that defense, and our defense will hold Brees to under 250 yards passing.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
I'm calling it right now, we will beat the Saints at home!!!! Our running game will pound that defense, and our defense will hold Brees to under 250 yards passing.

you got mad faith bro. I am more of a realist than an optimist. I think the d might hold up but they will come out like defending champs do. CONFIDENT.
Where's that boo this man gif?

I truly do not see us going 0-5. We WILL win at LEAST 1 game and that's a super pessimistic outlook... And personally, I think we go into SEA and shock them with an beastly, aggressive o-line and a fired up defense. Who's their QB? Stack the box against Forsett and we're gold. Hasslebeck is afraid of P52 and Housh is slow as f**k, something that our CBs can actually handle. I don't see us losing, even if it is in Qwest Field; the field where the PA System makes the stadium louder.
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