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All Respect For Lowell Cohn Is Lost (UPDATED)

The only reporter to sensationalize Jed York's comments about Los Angeles.


Thanks Lowell, but you can now join Timmy K over in the corner where we ignore bad sports reporting.

Thanks for coming dude. You won't be missed.

(UPDATE: Look! Timmy's doing it too!)
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Well played sir....

Seriously- what's wrong with this guy? Maybe it's just his writing style, but Cohn always seems a little off to me. Sort of a weird combination of arrogant and retarded.
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Worst piece of Journalism ive seen from a local writer in many years

He obviously has not been paying attention for awhile

Perfect example of a reporter taking a quote, and trying to tell us what it "really" means, and he was way off base

I doubt his buddy Matt M. is too happy about that article either
I'd love to see Matt blast him for it

He should be fired, not cause he wrote an anti-Niner article
But for trying to influence the Voters to vote a certain way by making false accusations

Is he f**king serious?
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Can we get the writer's names with their articles in the news wire so we don't click on links to garbage like Cohn or Tim K.?
This guy is worse than an amateur.

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"York said the 49ers have not talked about the possibility of moving to Los Angeles. He does not have to speak about Los Angeles because the fear factor is always there."

Did you even watch the interview?
Please watch again.."

"Wow, are you serious! Lowell, you've seriously lost it. Turn in your press pass at the door please."

These comments are halarious

"Mr. Cohn:

We will be partying this weekend!
I'd love to know what you were drinking last night,
this could be our best weekend ever!"

WTF does this have to do with anything?: "Why don't you tell the readers that your wife wears the pants in your family."

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You mean there was respect for him before?...

Originally posted by posayshoohaa:
You mean there was respect for him before?...

You took the words out of my mouf
Im Namen der Deutscher Ehre, wird wer dieses schamlose Hebräischen für mich ermorden?

I wish the zone can vote on which beat writers articles not be posted on the news wire. I can guarantee Cohn, Tim K, and Lynch would not be posted. In the meantime, I just ignore their articles.
Respect for Cohn? How can you lose it?
Honestly, how do you take a quote that says "I never wanted to move the 49ers like the Browns moved" and turn that into "I want to move the 49ers."
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