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Manny Lawson's worth

dude is smokin crack
At this point Manny is not worth 40mil but he is definitely solid player that the 49ers need to resign
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Lawson stinks of a guy who has a monster year right before his contract expires. So hes going to have a huge year and its going to be impossible to resign him. But he will sign long term elsewhere and be mediocre.

yup i agree, he sets the edge real good on runs, if he gets his pass rush going. he could be a force.

At this point in his career he is what he is. he isn't gonna ever be a good pass rusher

"What he is" is a solid LB.Not a dominant pass rusher but he can get to the QB,play in coverage,play the run,force fumbles,tackles well,bats down passes and has above average speed.
He's worth a 4th but maybe a team could be suckered for a 3rd.

Maybe the Raiders could be dumb enough to throw a bunch of money at Lawson but nobody else will do it. Maiocco said he had heard the Niners tried to trade Lawson on draft day but nobody wanted him.

He's an over-hyped LB that already lost his job on 3rd downs and will soon be forgotten.
he sucks at madden
There is a reason that the Niners are fine with Lawson entering the season in the final year of his contract that will pay him around $625,000. That's less then almost every linebacker on the team. Lawson simply hasn't been as good as some fans seem to believe.
40 mil? lmfao, GTFO of here Manny..
Lawson wants $40M a contract? .. he is not worth.. better give him 1.5 millions or 2 millions for a year!
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Originally posted by ace49ers:
im a Lawson fan but no way is he worth $40M.

I'm a HUGE Lawson fan but no way is he worth $40M.

Unfortunately the 49ers will have ot let him walk if he has a respectable season. For the 49ers sake, I'm hoping they trade him before the start of the season for a 4th or 5th round pick and start Ahmad Brooks.

this situation resembles the whole calvin pace leaving the cardinals or antrel rolle leaving the cardinals for dumbass ny teams willing to pay exhorbitant dollars for their services. the cardinals did not miss a beat by losing Pace, they aren't going to miss a beat by losing rolle either. those guys aren't a dime a dozen type guys but they aren't hard to replace either. manny lawson is not now, nor was he yesterday, nor was he ever before a 40$ million lb....

you cant have everyone, this is working out about as good as you could expect...willis is locked up, davis is being worked on, goldson or franklin can be that dynamic, i could give a ratt's backside what happens with lawson....

in the situation i saw/read about the niners contract situations over the next few years, lawson was always my first to go in every scenario i hoped for....
If Manny Lawson wants more money he should think about getting close to a pro bowl. He hasn't been close yet and as far as im concerned he is totally expendable not needed we can get a better rookie next year. Manny if you want more money why don't you try playing a whole season to the best of your ability. You play a game for a living and you aren't even in the top 15 olb's give me an fin break.
I can definitely tell it's the off season. You're all ready to walk away from a guy that for all intents and purposes makes our Run Defense tick and is one of the 3 to 4 guys around the Opposing QB to finish off plays.

I think that you guys MISS the point.

If he wants $40 mil then in REALITY he's wanting at least $15 million guaranteed. Is he worth that now?

If he is then please STUFF the crazy talk, cause you didn't get it before hand.

To me he's worth 15 mil guaranteed. What is Bam Bam's guaranteed amount? Right. Nuff said.

Probably nothing more than backup money.

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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Probably nothing more than backup money.


He has no pass rush value. Backup money for a backup at best.
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