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Alex Smith This Season

Attention Mr. Smith,

We the fans of the 49ers, have cut you a lot of slack over the last several years. I mean really you should sue Mike Nolan for malpractice! All the changes in OCs, the injuries, the lack of playmakers, and the lack of Offensive linemen.

Well this season is coming soon, all of the road blocks are out of your way. The team has provided you a QB coach, a hand picked OC to run the offense you excel in, surrounded you with offensive talent, and this year spent two first round picks to protect you.

Your time is now, lets see what you can do. Prove all your fans right, shake of the name "Alexcuses" and bring home the first winning season in years! If you fail in this there will be no shortage of pitch forks and torches as you are run out of town, no pressure, good luck,

I will be rooting for you,

The Camper

PS and sharpening my pitchfork!
Did you really need to start a new thread for this.

Really ?????????
what a unique thread
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
what a unique thread

i know
It sounds to me like someone is assuming that the new guys are going to performing at a first class level right from the beginning. Is that reasonable to assume?

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Originally posted by valrod33:


look at this so musch space to be productive.... hahahahaha
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^I can't stop watching this.^

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