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who will be the most improved 49ers

Most improved? Hmmm...

I have a feeling Clements may have a bounce-back year after getting benched last year for Brown esp. if we end up having a better pass rush. Alex would get my vote on offense esp. if Raye gives him the reigns and lets him audible and run his own game (which I'd prefer over Raye any day)

What I "really" want to see is Singletary/Raye/Manusky step up big time to the next level which will make ALL of our players better! This, to me, is the key...under Raye, this includes the o-line coaches and specialists

VD? No, b/c his standard play of lining up off LT and running a seam pattern every time will be on tape and teams will game plan for it better (or they should)
Brooks? Hard to improve on a team-leading 6 sacks in limited snaps
Lawson? If he's even playing with us, could help his cause if he can provide a more consistent pass rush on those 1st and 2nd downs
Goldson? Hard to improve upon his stats from last year
Baas would be my choice if he started at RG (his natural position) and for the type of offense we want to run, he's ideal there
LaBoy? You can't say most improved since he wasn't with us and injured but don't be surprised at all to see this guy tearing it up
Morgan? He could be one that makes a big leap if we can ever get him the ball and stop using him mostly as a blocking WR for Gore
Ginn lol well he is a niner... ;-)
Originally posted by 49ersnum1:
How can Crabtree be most improved? The guy was our best pure WR last season as a rookie coming in almost half way. Id say it will be someone on the offensive line, my guess will be Rachal or Baas..

Now if we're talking about come back player of the year, id say Alex Smith or Nate Clements. Both only played a handful of games, but have ALOT to prove this season.. If Smith wins us some games, and has a season we are all hoping for, I believe Smith will win some NFL honors as well..

Really!?! Haha. Baas isn't going to play this year.
Jamarcus Russell once we sign him
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Originally posted by Pintor73:
i think alex smith will be one of the surprises, michael crabtree with a year under his belt and a training camp, on defense ahmad brooks and balmer

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hopefully our coaching staff will be improved we had some bad clock management last year just wasting timeouts cause players were not prepared for the last minute situations, the use of timeouts was just ridiculous
Chilo Rachal (He has to!)

Dashon Goldson (I know he finished strong but I think he can be a big time, pro bowl type safety starting this year)

Michael Crabtree (Not only is he is going into his 2nd year but also his first full Training Camp. There is no way he doesen't get better)
Alex Smith & Chilo Rachal

Brooks & Goldson

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