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Do We Have ANY "Clutch" Players on the 49ers

Jason Hill was clutch in that MNF game against Arizona a while back.. That was a great performance n then Gore tripped at the goal line that sucked
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Anybody saying Willis is fooling themselves. The man-love for our best player is pathetic. He's a great player, but he hasn't even been put in any real clutch situations so there's no way you can know if he's clutch or not. To say he is would be ridiculous.

The truth is we have no proven clutch players. The offense has only had a chance to be clutch a few times over the past few seasons and has failed to get the job done.

Your post is just so full of fail. What about when Patrick Willis chased down that WR to save the game winning touchdown in overtime? How is that not clutch? How many times has he made a tackle on 3rd down to force the offense to punt with the game being close?

Last year there were a lot of games we won or lost by less than a touchdown, those are all opportunities to be clutch.

Justin Smith is definitely clutch, he barely missed Favre on that miracle play, and is always in the QB's face with the game on the line. Andy Lee is as clutch as they come as a punter, and Nedney makes the majority of his kicks.

Haters gonna hate tho.
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Andy Lee is clutch

That's pretty much it. Willis is clutch, the rest of the squad is learning what that means in the NFL.

Getting run over by Ryan Grant at the sticks on 3rd down aint clutch

When did that happen? Last year? No mi acquerdo compa.
I remember Alex Smith being clutch in 2007, the first MNF game against the Cardinals, he drove us down the field in the last 2 minutes to win. That showd some nads.

4th and 5, Smith ran 25 yards for the 1st. Battle on a wild call by Hostler on a reverse at the Cards 1 yard line for the win. 2 games later Smith is done for the year.
the long snapper is clutch
Mark Roman is SUPER clutch.
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Mark Roman is SUPER clutch.

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