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Are the 49ers the most improved team in the NFL?

Apologies if this is redundant, but I think we've had one hell of an offseason. How many teams can say they have improved every single position on the field, and in some cases markedly... Go down the list and, if we stay healthy, we're better everywhere

OLINE: Bass, contract year, coming into prime
Rachal, coming into prime
Staley missed what 6-7 games last year
Obvious additions of Davis/Iupati
Boone in shape

WR: full year of Crabtree with experience
Morgan/Hill coming into prime
Tedd Ginn Jr adding speed

QB: The most controversial, but I'm an Alex fan and I expect huge things this year.
improved O-line, improved WR, more confidence, 2nd year with same
coordinator... better WR play means less deflected balls/ints (seems like we
had a lot last year)

RB: Dixon adds depth, maybe supplants Coffee... additions to OL improve RB play

TE: Hopefully Nate byham proves to be better than Pascoe, if so, we're better
I expect VD to continue to develop, softening those hands over time.

KR/PR: don't need to explain this one.

LB: Brooks, Haralson, Willis, Lawson (contract year) all coming into prime
Bowman probably a better Mike backup

CB: Nate uninjured, returns with huge chip on his shoulder, he is the kind of guy
that will work his ass of and bounce back....
Brown will probably be improved

S: Mays, if he is able to learn quickly will be a huge upgrade at backup SS... who
knows, maybe he supplants Lewis
Goldson coming into prime

DL: meh... probably the only spot that there wont be much improvement... maybe
Mcdonald or Balmer, but I don't have my fingers crossed.

Coaching: Solari, Brown, Schottenhiemer, Alex has another year with Raye, Sing
has a full year under his belt, might lead to better planning/game

I welcome any criticism
i concur...aside from cb, our depth is great....even though we have 3 cb's 2 very good ones and a good nickle, if we resign bly we are very very good a cb again. We have definitely improved a lot. Sea improved a lot and i would have to say MIA. Jets would be next. Niners i see going 11-5 to 12-4 if we are healthy and going to at least the 2nd round of the playoffs. I see a sb possibly this yr because Minn is no big deal even without Gore as we all saw, and NO has an avg D. Next year our OL should gel and we have a better chance to reach the sb b/c all of these improvements
No, I think the Redskins are.
Its possible we might be we won't know until halfway through the season. I see our only place we didn't upgrade is at CB and like you said DL which is better than our stats would imply. Of course if Balmer shows up and Brooks keeps up what he was doing at the end of last season they will take massive amounts of pressure off our CB's and make our D even more intimidating. If alex takes strides look for us to take a CB in the first next year book it!
They havent even played 1 game yet.....
i like what the lions bucs and redskins did out of all of those i think teh redskins are gonna me most improved and make the playoffs over the eagles
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Based on what ?
Probably Redskins or Lions.
Originally posted by ZRF80:
Based on what ?

What kind of question is that? if you're speculating during the offseason what exactly are you supposed to base things on? I suppose I'm basing my opinion on the points listed above.
No, but I think our division is the worse division in the history of the NFL and that will almost guarantee ourselves a playoff birth.

Originally posted by northvan49erman:
Originally posted by ZRF80:
Based on what ?

What kind of question is that? if you're speculating during the offseason what exactly are you supposed to base things on? I suppose I'm basing my opinion on the points listed above.

don't worry new guy ZRF acts like this all the time. Just ignore him.


As for the topic, I would say we're up there. Some people say washington but their OLine is still a mess IMO, plus they didn't have very many draft picks. Personally as much as I can't stand the Seahawks I'd say them, they had probably the best draft(I think we were right up there with them) and they added 2 decent RBs. Their improvements might not pan out though. Also Baltimore had a really good draft with Cody/Kindle and adding Boldin+a few tight ends in the draft. I really like how we shored up our OLine, got a better oline coach, added some speed, etc. We got tougher as a team. I definitely like what we did, hopefully we win the division this year.

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On paper the most improved teams would have to be the Redskins and the Seahawks for what they did in the draft and the trades at rb. I would say the 49ers are behind them because we don't know if any of the guys we signed at LB will provide a consistent pass rush and we still have huge questions at CB and QB.
I love the job the 9ers have done. Didnt waste money on any FA they dont need and drafted well. But the Lions are the most improved.
Hate to admit it but the Raiders are the most improved.
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The Redskins and the Raiders are the most improved.Well if they Raiders don't start
Russell they are.
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