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Pro Bowlers for next season

In order for the niners to win the divsion and go to the playoffs this upcoming year, which niner on the defensive side and offensive side needs to step up and make the pro bowl. Excluding players that have made the pro-bowl last year.

Offense: Joe Staley

Defence: Dashon Goldson

I think Goldson will make it at least as a reserve and I agree Staley has a better chance than anyone not named Frank Gore on our offense.

Wild card on defense: Ahmad Brooks!
Wild card of offense: THE Alex Smith!!

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Offense:Micheal Crabtree

Defense: Manny Lawson (Contract Year)
Offense: Crabtree
Defense: Goldson
Andy Lee and Brian Jennings.

Dudes were cash last season and got robbed.
Originally posted by Draftology:
Offense: Crabtree
Defense: Goldson

Iupati has a good shot too imo
Offense: Gore, V. Davis. Deserving of a probowl but may not get a berth or alternate, Crabtree and Alex Smith. None of the offensive linemen will get it, they will remain underrated all year.

Defense: Willis, Franklin, Goldson, Spencer alternate.

Andy Lee.
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Our Center and our NT. Both are considered near the top in our conference, so if the team does well - they could get in.
Offense: Alex Smith

Defense: Dashon Goldson

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Defense: P. Willis...lawson Offense: Gore ... Crabtree ... special teams: ginn... andy lee
Originally posted by redrathman:
Andy Lee and Brian Jennings.

Dudes were cash last season and got robbed.

But Andy did go to the probowl! Best player EVAR!
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If you're banking on Alex Smith making the probowl as a direct correlate to our success this season.....................well, it's gonna be a loooonnnnnggg year.
Demetric Evans

Travis LaBoy
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