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PYMWYMI, Year 5.... (2010-2011)


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I'm gonna say 10-6, actually 11-7 if you know what I mean!!!!
What the hell does PYMWYMI mean?
Originally posted by jta854:
What the hell does PYMWYMI mean?

9-7, going to play it safe because we are certainly capable of 10 or 11 wins. 9-7 should get us a division title and we should be able to play a tough wild card game at home and possibly win.
11 - 5
Typically I'm overly optimistic so this year I'm going with a more pessimistic approach

9-7 which will win the division and get us in the playoffs...

Originally posted by Niners99:

dont get too excited now...all these 11-13 win predictions are just a bit hasty. Saints, Falcons, Eagles, Panthers, Packers, and Chargers could all be losses. thats 6 losses right there, even if we SWEEP the division.

@SEA - W
NO - L
@KC - W
@ATL - L
@CAR - W
TB - W
@AZ - L
@GB - L
@SD - L
@STL - W
AZ - W

one thing to notice, is the beginning of the season is more difficult, which has been a time where weve generally played well, and the point where we always tank is weeks 5 through 10, in which the schedule gets easier. itll be interesting to see if we break the pattern, or if we still have a mid season losing streak as usual even against bad teams. we have a motivation issue.

first part of the year, were pumped up and win. last part of the year its "we better win the last few games or our record will look horrible". the middle they get lazy and sloppy. at one point i can see us winning 5 in a row....and its possible, but im not holding my breath for that. its been 10 years since weve done that.

One thing I notice is that you having us beating all the teams we should beat! Except you have us splitting with ARZ which I dont think will happen!
We should also beat PHI..they used to be good!
We can beat N.O., definitely possible, they are good, but its our home opener and drew brees COULD not be as good as last year. It happened to kerry Collins but he could also be like favre. 12-4 is more likely than 10-6
Originally posted by Allx9er:
i just want this thread in play until the end of the preseason.....just in case i want to revise my last prediction

Stops at the beginning of the Training Camp.... Once voted, no changing.

- 98

We always lose some easy ones, so I think 9 wins is a conservative estimate. However, looking at the schedule, if we get hot, 13 wins are possible. That being said, put me down for 9-7.... and the f**king PLAYOFFS!!

can u guys update the chart or is too much work?
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