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**RECAST***Can we agree that we can call Balmer a bust yet?

**RECAST***Can we agree that we can call Balmer a bust yet?

***Lets recast our votes and find out what the numbers look like now, knowing what we know!***

I'm ready to label this dude a bust IFFFFF he doesn't show up this season...

What do u guys think? There we're threads of him talking a big game last year... but he didn't back s**t up...

If he doesn't have a strong camp and establish himself as a starter... I say he never will... Hoping for the kid to show up, but I just don't think he will... and now with McCloughan gone, I see an even shorter leash for the guy...
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no, not as a DL. They take alot of time to develop, besides when he was drafted thats exactly what was said about him, that he is very raw. At least he has shown the work ethic and willingness to work hard at his craft spending offseason time with Justin Smith. I mean franklin has just come into his own this past year.

So my choice is not on your list

He is not a bust, he still needs time to hone his craft.
I don't think he's going to ever live up to his first round draft position as a 3-4 DE. An "adequate" player at best, but not a real game-changer or difference maker. At least it sure doesn't seem like it at this point.

But.. I wouldn't call him a bust.
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How can we call him a bust if 2010 season has not started yet..

Originally posted by 49erFaithful:
How can we call him a bust if 2010 season has not started yet..

It's not that hard considering he was a bust last year too...
you have to get on the field in order to be a bust. this is just an all togther miss.
Ask me that question again after the 2010 season.
I don't think so, I mean we've got an example of a DL who took 5+ years to break out on our own roster in Franklin.

Part of it could be circumstance. Franklin was stuck behind Kelly Gregg with the Ravens, and didn't get a chance to start until he came here. Balmer is similarly stuck behind a couple of damn good linemen in Smith and Sopoaga. Not to mention that Smith hardly ever comes off the field, so there are really limited opportunities for backups to get on the field.

So yeah, it's possible that Balmer is a complete stiff, but at this point all we really know is that he can't beat out Sopoaga for a starting position.
too much negativity man...but I guess this is what we have come to expect from the last few years of ineptitude. Hopefully this will change though.

Back to Balmer, he did have his difficulties last year but I would like to think that given more playing time this year, he should start developing nicely for us. Do think he needs to bulk up some to play NT though and hopefully he has.

Calling him a bust is too heavy (and not fitting for that position), he's just very mediocre, and was a poor-judgment pick by McCloughan/Nolan.
After this season.
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D-line is by far the most difficult position to make the transition from college to the pros.

Remember how highly touted Glenn Dorsey was (drafted in the same year)??? Havent heard much from him either have you??? Albert Haynesworth, another example, didnt erupt until his fourth season.

Additionally, our D-line is fairly solid right now and hasn't afforded him too many opportunities to make significant contributions.

Im not guaranteeing that he will ultimately live up to the first round billing, just that he is far from reaching his potential as a player.
Originally posted by 49erWill:
I think he should get at least another year
I think he has been in the league two years and it's hard to even tell if he is on the team. I can't remember him doing anything meaningful (tackle for a loss, sack) yet. If he does anything this year it will be a HUGE improvement. The odds are against him. Most reasonable people would say he has sucked a55 so far and it's hard to believe he will not be a bust.
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