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(Pre) December 16, 2010 San Diego Tailgate Thread

BUUUUUUUMMMMMPPPP im already excited, i've never tailgated before
So what's up? Is this already done or can we still get on the list to join y'all?
This is going to be so much fun. Group tickets??? How are those going?? I am probably going to come with a co-worker...fellow niner faithful from Los Angeles. Any ticket info updates??
We are getting our tickets together 45 and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Tickets
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Originally posted by truniners:
We are getting our tickets together 45 and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Tickets

darn i just bought som tix off stubhub.... where yall seating?
I've gotta bow out of this one, guys. Sorry.
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Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
I've gotta bow out of this one, guys. Sorry.

I do too, I have to work
aww man.
can you still get in on the group?

Webbie was talking about setting something up through the Webzone. I can still help out, I just can't attend.
San Diego Invasion Hotel Group Rates

We have cut a Hotel deal with the Courtyard by Marriott for a group discount rate as well as a special game day rate. We will get rooms that generally list at $150 for only $89 per night. For game day we will have our rate adjusted to the combined score of the Game Niners 7 Chargers 0 sounds great!!

To qualify for the game day rate you must be registered in the Hotel for 3 days including game day. Many of us are checking in on Wednesday and checking out on Friday.

Please register on the link below or through the link located on our web page we need to secure 25 rooms to get the special game day rate.
Who is still in for this?

Though I cannot go, I am still willing to assist with the ticket purchase.
Looking for a few more reservations at the Marriott if we don't secure 25 rooms by Nov 15th the deal is off, (see above)unfortunately most of the folks joining us are from down south and they do not need lodging. Option 2 for folks on a budget is the Mission Valley resort right next door but it is a 2 star they have agreed to give us rooms for 60 a night Mention the Tru Niners. I have been to both hotels recently and would rather stay at the Marriott.
Hey guys new member longtime 49er fan here. I've been excited for this game for the last 4 years and got my tickets months ago. I'm going with 7 and only me, my buddy, and his daughter will be representing the Red and Gold. I sure hope all the Niner fans mainly So Cal Niner fans will still come out and cheer the 49ers on despite what our record might be. It seems many fans are let down once again but we have to remember we have 5 Super Bowl titles and the Chargers have none. We are the best fans in the world! Qualcom shold be half Red and Gold on December 16th! I will be looking for all of you tailgating and I look forward to meeting some of you at the game. Send me some info about where you will be tailgating at. My name is Jason and I live in South OC. I've been a passonite 49er fan since I was a kid and I'm stoked for this game because win loose or tie FAITHFUL till I die...

I hope to see a lot of Niner Red and Niner flags going south on the 5!

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