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Ted Ginn a niner (5th round pick)

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I'm so excited about this trade that I creamed my pants.
bottom line is a swap for Arnaz Battles role as returner & backup WR. Ginn is a better returner and has more speed than Battle.

The knock on Ginn as a Dolphin is that
1.) he avoided contact on KR and went down or stepped out of bounds a lot.
2.) tendency to drop balls.

Overall Ginn helps special teams and upgrades Battle's role at WR & KR
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What do Dolphins fans think of this? I'd be pissed to give away a young talent like Ginn for a 5th rounder.
Originally posted by SoCal9ers:
definitely an upgrade on the special teams!!!

he'll be fine... once Sing drops his pants on him I bet you he'll have a 10+ TD season for us...

ala' V.D.

The big thing for Ginn now is he'll no longer have to live up to high expectations. He'll be able to focus on the return game and not worry about being the #1 guy.

If he had been drafted appropriately (late 1st/early 2nd round) and used as more of a slot guy, he'd never have been thought of as a bust.

Good cheap move. Hill should still be our slot guy though. And I don't necessarily think any of the 5 WRs get cut, unless B Jones is considered too expensive for his role.
Originally posted by IDontGetNaked:

I love this pick.

Very impressive move by the front office.

This is exactly how I will use him on Madden
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Days like this are the reason we all hang around this place. Great move by Baalke and company. Go Niners!
I see Ted Ginn jr. taking Brandon Jones spot, if Jones doesn't step his game up.
Awesome move just for a 5th rounder!

Better field position to start with. As a reciever, he seems to be durable (perhaps due to his "soft"/finesse style of play).

Crabtree, Morgan, Ginn/Hill (I'll assume Brandon Jones needs to prove he has hands AND can stay on the field) makes for some speedy receivers to complement Vernon and even Gore going out of the backfield.

Nice work to get bodies that will help out Alex.

Next, we need to get that OL help, as well.

Originally posted by Digger25:
good pick up. but I do predict that Ginn will fumble twice and will cost us one or two games this year. worth the risk I guess. that highlight vid against the jets was scary good and scary bad. ball handling skills suck donkey a*****e.

Well, that would be no different than what happened last season when Battle, Jones & company couldn´t hang on to the ball either. In contrast, if Ginn does fumble, but also puts us in position to win one or two more games this year because of great returns or a return TD, we will be better off, I think.
Now if Sing can just light a fire under his arse we have a good deal. He isn't exactly a hungry rookie. As a matter of fact, he never was. You'd never mix him up with a "blue collar" player. He always wanted a catered lunch, too good to eat out of a lunch pail.
Originally posted by theninermaniac:
Originally posted by IDontGetNaked:

I love this pick.

Very impressive move by the front office.

This is exactly how I will use him on Madden

This is what I was thinking, plus I'll put him in the slot and just go deep.
Originally posted by HaiGuise:

First play of the season right there
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