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Ted Ginn a niner (5th round pick)

definitely an upgrade on the special teams!!!

he'll be fine... once Sing drops his pants on him I bet you he'll have a 10+ TD season for us...

ala' V.D.
OH NO, Scot McCloughan is gone so this draft is F'd up before it starts!!!

Oh, wait... never mind.

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Oh man that is nice.....I called it.

Ok joe haden/ and lineman...sweeet
He breaks a tackle and slips the last defender...20...10....TOUCHDOWN GINN!

Originally posted by pd24:
Originally posted by Hammerthrow99:
I'm pretty stoked about our recieving corps now, aswell. Even if he's the #4 guy, speed kills! Crabtree, Morgan, Hill/Ginn, Ginn/Hill. That doesn't look to bad, folks, and finally, the first legit return threat since......Vinny Sutherland?

PS, I was a BIG Vinny fan!

I think he will be the #3 guy. One of Hill or Jones will be cut.

It'll be BJones(unless he has a HUGE camp) and rotoworld thinks the same:

"Ginn will compete with slot receiver Jason Hill for snaps in sub-packages. 2009 free agent bust Brandon Jones is a candidate for release."

rotoworld link
Well i guess Baalke is not afraid to pull the trigger!
good pick up. but I do predict that Ginn will fumble twice and will cost us one or two games this year. worth the risk I guess. that highlight vid against the jets was scary good and scary bad. ball handling skills suck donkey a*****e.
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Some have talked about using a pick as high as our first on Spiller primarily so he could handle our returns saying that he would also add to our offense. If he did become a key within our offense he couldn't handle all our return duties. Singletary has stressed spending a pick to get this need solved. All the pressure to resolve our poor return game likely would have cost us a very high pick.

Ginn's returns ranked him 13th in the league. That may not impress everyone but it sure the heck blows away 31st. If Ginn takes good care of our return game anything else he accomplishes with us as a receiver is gravy. His speed could definitely help. It's what our offense is constantly accused of lacking (with the exception of Vernon).

The knock on Ginn is he doesn't block, isn't tough, ... It won't matter if he's only on the field to run deep routes on passing downs for us. Besides after getting cut and while trying to fit in with out tougher group of receivers maybe he'll reform himself a little.

Most importantly having Ginn is more like gaining the high pick we likely would have spent than losing a fifth. Now if someone gets drafted with return skills they are an added option instead of being pressed into duty and spread too thin when they're needed elsewhere.

I love this trade even if I don't love Ginn. He fits. He came cheap. We know what we got and he'll be ready to do what's asked of him day one.
Originally posted by IDontGetNaked:

I love this pick.

Very impressive move by the front office.

nice vid.

I'm happy about this, i was going to be frustrated when we wasted a 1st or 2nd on a return man.

getting our return man for a 5th, is awesome.

(plus in madden 11 I'll have more fun)
Originally posted by 49erWill:
Great trade imo..

Props to whoever broke the story!

Yezzir...i said it in another thread couple weeks ago.... a 4th or 5th rounder. Heck 5th is even better. Use him the way Chicago used Hester in the SB run. Not too many 5th rounders can make and IMMEDIATE IMPACT like this!!!!! Great trade!!!

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how many kick offs did Ginn drop???????????

Thats all I care about.

Can you imagine what this team would look like if we got C.J. or Best added to the offense?
hell yeah !!! i've always been a ginn fan and you suckas know that. finally we have a deep threat that'll impact our WR core
Not sure how anyone could be unhappy with this trade
Originally posted by Digger25:
good pick up. but I do predict that Ginn will fumble twice and will cost us one or two games this year. worth the risk I guess. that highlight vid against the jets was scary good and scary bad. ball handling skills suck donkey a*****e. is a GREAT day. Its friday...just got paid and its sunny outside (at least for me). Lets worry about that later. Its fixable too!!
@Adam_Schefter RT @MattMaiocco: In '07, 49ers were THRILLED when Dolphins took Ginn at No. 9 (SF took Willis at 11.) Now they're giving up No. 145 for him. 12 minutes ago

You can't help, but love this move. A burner at return specialist and WR for a fifth and remember he's a pro-bowler, too.

Take a look at the Youtube highlights. You will be in . I remember how much I wanted him back in 07 as a returner, but nowhere near a top 10 let alone first round. However, I definitely thought he's was worth a 2-3. Given his vet status already, this trade was a steal!

If we get LaBoy, say good bye to any of the pass rushers in the first and second rounds. LaBoy would provide instant solid depth without the learning curve and could possibly help in ST.

Therefore, we can take care the remaining needs at OT, CB, S, OG and NT in the first four picks and two of them can be addressed at #13 and #17 in A. Davis, J. Haden, E. Thomas, M. Iupati, and D. Williams respectively. Not bad!
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