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UPDATED 5/1:: HERE'S WHY OUR DRIVES STALL... (after reviewing alex's starts)

So this is what I'm doing... I want to find out exactly why our O had trouble sustaining drives last year. Yes we know our OL play was bad, and yes we know Alex didn't play as well as Brees or Manning, but lets look a little closer shall we?

I listed what happened on the 3 down series when we failed to convert because I think it is important not to just look at what happens on 3rd down, but also if we fail to convert 3rd and 12... why the heck were we facing 3rd and 12 in the first place. I also listed what happened on 3rd downs we did convert and made special notes on the drive in general of things that stood out. Here we go...

11/12 v BEARS

1ST POSSESION from own 41, SF 0, CHI 0, 13:24 left in 1ST:
had 1st & 10 on chi 17 when vernon jumps false starts. nice run by gore. crabtree drops a perfectly thrown slant that hits his numbers which would have at least setup a 1st and goal on the chi 4. he started to look upfield to run before securing the catch. 3rd & 7 and snyder gets blown up by ogunleyee right off the ball. smith eludes ogunleyee but the other 3 get there too. sack. missed FG.
-- 3rd & 2 and a.brown jumps offside and goes untouched into the backfield. alex is able to move outside and deliver the ball to crabtree for a 1st. penalty declined.
** Drive Notes: run game was blocked pretty effectively. the drop by crabtree on 2nd & 7 really hurt. cant blow those chances deep in the redzone.

2ND POSSESION from own 26, SF 0, CHI 0, 5:42 left in 1ST:
runs on 1st & 2nd net only 4 yards. designed throw to j.hill on 3rd & 6 came out fast and on time but hill tried to make a move instead of just turning upfield and didnt get the 1st. punt.

3RD POSSESION from own 11, SF 0, CHI 0, 9:40 left in 2nd:
smith is trying to go deep to crabtree and there is good double coverage, both over the top. so it looks like alex was trying to go backshoulder but he and crabtree CLEARLY dont have that kind of timing with each other yet. INT.
-- 3rd & 7 is converted with a good screen.
-- alex converts 3rd & 6 on a nice throw to morgan across the middle.
** Drive Notes: 1st play of drive and it looks like the play was designed to go deep to morgan with a double move. smith gets sacked. maybe he held it too long looking to see if it would come open, but it was a deep route also...

4TH POSSESION from CHI 16, SF 0, CHI 0, 2:07 left in 2nd:
first play following t.brown INT and long runback is a 16yd TD by gore

5TH POSSESION from own 20, SF 7, CHI 3, 14:54 left in 3rd:
2 run plays net 0 yards (thanks baas) and on 3rd & 10 we run a bubble screen to crabtree which gains only 5.

6TH POSSESION from own 45, SF 7, CHI 3, 11:33 left in 3rd:
a run of 0 yards and a check down to gore of -2 bring up 3rd & 12. alex hard counts to draw the D offside and gore gains 6 on 3rd and 7. the QB sneak gets STUFFED on 4th down.
** Drive Notes: 1st down run and 4th down QB sneak were absolutely STUFFED. this 4 down sequence has to go on the OL.

7TH POSSESION from own 31, SF 7, CHI 6, 7:21 left in 3rd:
alex hits morgan for 4 on 1st down. 2nd & 6 and both heitman and rachal whiff on their blocks and gore losses 2. morgan false starts and a screen to vernon only gains 7 on 3rd & 13 (there was an inelligible man downfield so it would have been called back even if the play worked.)
** Drive Notes: 1st play of drive and alex has a clean pocket and delivers a solid dig to crabtree for 20yrds.

8TH POSSESION from own 6, SF 7, CHI 6, 1:29 left in 3rd:
1st down run play gets stuffed for 0 yards. 2nd down throw to vernon for 5. on 3rd & 5 alex throws an out to morgan who falls on the play.

9TH POSSESION from CHI 44, SF 7, CHI 6, 13:19 left in 4th:
after 1st & goal from the 6, 2 runs net only 3 yards. on 3rd & 3 the bears only bring 4 but the pocket instantly gets blown back into alex's lap. he cant make the throw to his 1st read because baas' man is in the throwing lane. he moves to get outside but a delayed blitz from DB on the edge and alex has to smartly throw it away and settle for the FG, which is unfortunate because morgan had worked himself WIDE OPEN. decent protection and we've got a TD on the play.
** Drive Notes: direct snap to gore gains 35yards.

10TH POSSESION from own 18, SF 10, CHI 6, 9:01 left in 4th:
2 runs on 1st and 2nd bring up 3rd & 8. good pressure from the chi front 4 and alex cant step up cuz of rachal's man. alex scrambles to pick up 2. he might have been able to create something, but i like him just taking what he can and being safe with the football with a 4 point lead and only 2:50 left to play.
-- 3rd & 3 and alex is able to step up to avoid pressure by ogunleyee v snyder and improv a shovel pass to robinson for a 1st down (2nd time in the game he's done that.) BIG play cuz it picks up a 1st and keeps the clock moving with 3:50 left to play.
** Drive Notes: rachal & snyder need to be on the bench. gore does soooo much with so little from the OL. nice run of 23 on the drive.

GAME NOTES: yes alex missed several plays that could have been made. our problems on O run waaaaaay deeper than that however. the OL in particular played TERRIBLE and our rookie WR made some rookie WR mistakes. ogunleyee is a beast.

11/22 v PACKERS

1ST POSSESION from own 20, SF 0, GB 3, 10:11 left in 1ST:
1st down run gains only 1yd. nice end-around by morgan for 9yds on 2nd down. 3rd & inches and snyder gets blown up by pickett and we lose 1yd. settle for FG
** Drive Notes: nice delay lead draw for 42yds on 2nd play of drive.

2ND POSSESION from own 16, SF 3, GB 6, 2:22 left in 1ST:
mRob comes in at FB and gets injured going head up with n.barnett on a run that gains 3. nice play fake/boot leg to get smith on the edge with time but he doesnt find anybody open downfield (no camera angle.) throws it 3 yds to morgan but he drops it. instead of 3rd & 3 it's 3rd & 7. one more note on that play. as smith approached the LOS morgan should have turned and headed down field to put c.woodson in a bind and force him to stay with morgan or defend smith's run at the LOS. (little things young WR, little things.) 3rd & 7, GB comes with 4 and alex has OK protection but nobody is open and a split second later kampman has snyder beat followed by matthews. alex didnt hold the ball THAT long but snyder couldnt get kampman blocked and didnt get enough help from rachal. punt

3RD POSSESION from own 20, SF 3, GB 6, 12:40 left in 2ND:
1st down and again GB only comes with 4 but nobody is open. smith goes to scramble but gets droppend for loss of 1yd. on 2nd & 11 gore picks up 4. 3rd & 7 and they fake a blitz with 5 going against our 6 but 1 DL drops back and gore ends up one-on-one vs matthews and can only hold him so long. GB has 7 in coverage vs our 4 targets and alex has to throw it away. commentator b.bilick says morgan was open on the play. punt

4TH POSSESION from own 20, SF 3, GB 13, 8:47 left in 2ND:
1st play and GB brings 5 sims and snyder both get beat so smith has to step up, wragge(LG) goes to the ground and his man gets the sack of 9yds. another blitz on 2nd and alex gets the ball of just as unblocked mathews gets there; incomplete. bubble screen on 3rd & 19 to crabtree gets 6yds.

5TH POSSESION from own 19, SF 3, GB 20, 2:23 left in 2ND:
screen to gore on 1st down loses 5. draw to gore gains 6. on 3rd & 9 GB brings CB blitz and alex goes quick to vernon for only 5.
** Drive Notes: dom capers and his unit are just outmatching jimmy raye and his.

6TH POSSESION from own 22, SF 3, GB 23, 14:56 left in 3RD:
1st down and alex goes to vernon underneath but he is doubled and c.matthews makes a really nice play to get his hand on the ball. on 2nd & 10 harris anticipates crabtrees route and batts it down. 3rd & 10 and alex goes to hill for 8 yds. 4th & 2 and matthews goes untouched up the middle and alex throws really quick to gore and it goes incomplete.
-- 3rd & 2 and 9ers again with 4 wide and gore in the backfield, but alex picks up the 1st with his legs (something he can do on 3rd & 2 but not 3rd and 7.
** Drive Notes: opened drive with gore and walker split out wide, GB brings blitz from the slot and alex hits vernon quick for 8. alex hits vernon down the middle for 32yds on their signature play (trips one side with vernon just off tackle and the 2 outside guys run 9's) just once i'd like to see alex hit the outside guy since safeties keep cheating toward vernon...

8TH POSSESION from own 32, SF 3, GB 23, 9:40 left in 3RD:
on 3rd & 20 after a vernon PI penalty GB drops 8 into coverage and alex (standing at the GB 45) throws a beautiful deep ball to crabtree who got behind al harris in the endzone. TD!! remember this was 3rd & 20 and there were 8 in coverage on this play.
** Drive Notes: they go back to the same play to davis for 28 more yards.

8TH POSSESION from own 12, SF 10, GB 23, 4:14 left in 3RD:
quick pass to gore on 1st, followed by j.hill false start and a gore run up the middle bring up 3rd & 8. GB again blitzes 5 and the CB goes untouched. alex eludes him but snyder has fallen to the ground again so alex has to just dump it at vernon's feet.
** Drive Notes: our OL end up on the ground faaaar too often.

9TH POSSESION from own 2, SF 10, GB 23, 13:31 left in 4TH:
1st play of drive, GB comes with 5 and from his own endzone smith gets rid of it quick and vernon ducks so the ball doesnt hit him in the head... intercepted.
** Drive Notes: vernon is a great athlete and a hard worker, but he is not a NATURAL receiver. that will go down as an INT by smith but if vernon recognizes the blitz and turns around the ball is right there for him to make a 1st down grab, and give the O some room to work. maybe that is part of why alex holds onto the ball so much and doesnt always feel confident in his receivers... crabtree is the 1st legit, natural WR he has had to work with.

10TH POSSESION from GB 24, SF 10, GB 30, 10:52 left in 4TH:
3rd & 10 and they go back to their signature play, this time to the right and it's good for a 24yd TD.
** Drive Notes: great return by j.morgan of 76yds. alex will roll to his right no matter where the pressure is coming from and even if there is a HUGE void on the left side of the field. gotta get that fixed already!

11TH POSSESION from own 17, SF 17, GB 30, 8:26 left in 4TH:
nice play call on 4th & 5 to gore in the flat gets 10yds and a TD
** Drive Notes: again alex needs to get the ball down. he had a 20yd completion to a WIDE OPEN bruce. but bruce had to stop and go up and get the ball. by the time he came back down he was tackled. if the ball is at chest level and he leads bruce a little the play gains another 15-25 even by old man isaac. next play he hits crabtree for 30yds. not a bad ball but crabtree was behind the whole D by 2 yds. a better ball is at least another 10, maybe a TD.

GAME NOTES: we needed to get a stop on the last possession to have a chance to finish the come from behind, but we couldnt stop the run. we really missed spikes in this game. i just love b.billick commentating on games. such a knowledgable guy.

11/29 v JAX

1ST POSSESION from own 20, SF 0, JAX 0, 15:00 left in 1ST:
after gore somehow gains 5yds on 2 poorly blocked runs, alex steps into another perfect throw which would have picked up the 1st but j.hill slips coming out of his break and the ball goes incomplete. result FG
-- 3rd & 3 and alex delivers a PERFECT ball to d.walker on the drag route for 21yds. "easy throw" delivered well.
-- 3rd & 3 and alex delivers a PERFECT ball to morgan for 11yds on the out, which seemed to be the 3rd option on the play. alex looks good so far with 3rd and managable, time and room to step up.
** Drive Notes: snyder is beaten badly by d.harvey on 2nd play of game and alex is lucky to get the ball incomplete and not fumbled. rachal's help got there too late. alex went 4/6 for 42 yards on this opening drive. 1 incompletion was due to snyder's piss poor blocking and the other j.hill slipped while making his break. just sayin...

2ND POSSESION from own 8, SF 3, JAX 0, 7:09 left in 1ST:
snyder is again beaten badly by d.harvey on the 1st play of drive forcing alex to check down to gore for only 3yds. a run up the middle is blocked very well and should go for big yardage EXCEPT... snyder is again beaten badly by d.harvey and he comes crashing down and stops the play for -1yd. on 3rd & 8 (snyder was again beaten badly but rachal picks up harvey) alex throws a deep ball on the sideline, but crabtree ran a comeback. i have an idea who was wrong on the play. incomplete.
** Drive Notes: this drive was completely on snyder.

3RD POSSESION from own 9, SF 3, JAX 0, 2:28 left in 1ST:
1st down a nice screen play would've gone for good yards except snyder's man tackles gore for no gain. 2nd down and alex somehow gets the ball to vernon for 5yards with 340lb j.henderson left unblocked by heitmann/snyder and alex gives it the good ol chuck n duck. 3rd & 5 and this one has gotta be on alex...vernon looked well covered, plus the ball was high over the middle. even if he catches it and hangs on afer the big hit it's still short of the 1st. there had to be a better option on the play. crabtree beat his man really bad off the line, but the last drive did end when alex threw to crabtree on 3rd down and he had ran the wrong route, so...
** Drive Notes: snyder still sux. does alex throw to an open crabtree on 3rd down if he is confident he will run the right route?

4TH POSSESION from own 30, SF 3, JAX 0, 13:48 left in 2nd:
-- alex converts 3rd & 10 with a nice 17yd dig to crabtree that gains 27.
-- 3rd & goal and they run a naked boot and 'sneak' (if its possible for you #1 target to sneak at 6'3" 255lbs) davis into the endzone. TD!!!
** Drive Notes: they run their "signature" play to davis again and alex makes a great throw that hits davis in the hands, but S s.considine is cheating way to the middle and gets there just as the ball does and knocks it loose. crabtree was WIDE OPEN on the outside for the TD. again, with more confidence in crabtree, does alex look to him on this play? in 2010 HE MUST! alex also gets away with one when he is rolling right and throw back across his body over the middle to gore. it goes incomplete but is nearly intercepted. every QB gets away with one at times and alex just did.

5TH POSSESION from own 34, SF 10, JAX 0, 7:57 left in 2nd:
on 1st down alex has one batted at the LOS. on 2nd down vernon looks upfield before he secures the catch on a play that should have gained at least 7 or 8. instead it's 3rd & 10 and a quick pass to morgan only gains 6. punt
** Drive Notes: vernon really needs to make those catches.

6TH POSSESION from own 41, SF 10, JAX 0, 3:58 left in 2nd:
-- 3rd & 10 and a pass to morgan gains only 9.5, BUT on 4th down, play fake to gore and alex stands tall with a LB going unblocked right up the middle and delivers a beautiful ball just as he gets hit. davis comes down with a nice catch 30 yards down field. every 9er fan has to feel pretty good to know alex has it in him to deliver like that with a blitzing LB coming right in his face. i must have watched this play half a dozen times.
-- 3rd & goal from the 4 and nobody is open initially, but alex scrambles towards the LOS and draws the defense in, gore works his way into the back corner and alex barely gets the ball over the finger tips of the D and gore gets both feet barely in bounds for the TD!
** Drive Notes: alex converts 2nd & 7 with a nice scramble of 11yds. very, very nice 8 play drive by alex to convert a TD to go up 17-0 before the half

7TH POSSESION from own 27, SF 17, JAX 3, 12:22 left in 3rd:
pass on 1st down to d.walker for 0yds. 2nd down and a BEAUTIFUL ball is lofted to crabtree on a post corner and crabtree flat drops it in the endzone. on 3rd & 10 they try to design a 3yd route in the flat to morgan with crabtree and davis clearing the coverage but it only goes for 7 and they settle for a FG.
-- 3rd & 6 and alex converts with a nice 3yd pass underneath to crabtree that gains 20 (crabtree redeems himself after a drop on 2nd down)
** Drive Notes: gotta make those TD grabs when they hit you in the hands there crabtree. maybe you needed a little training camp after all...

8TH POSSESION from own 34, SF 20, JAX 3, 14:52 left in 4TH:
snyder gets beat badly by d.harvey on 1st down and he disrupts the run for a gain of 3. 2nd down pass goes incomplete to crabtree (crappy camera angle so cant tell why.) on 3rd & 7 they fake the bubble screen to the left and run a screen to gore on the backside that fools no one and losses 1 yard.

9TH POSSESION from own 20, SF 20, JAX 3, 7:36 left in 4TH:
on 1st down a designed pass to gore in the flat losses 1. on 2nd a late run blitz drops gore for a loss of 4. 3rd & 15 and a bubble screen to crabtree losses 1.
-- 3rd & 1 and a run up middle by gore gains the 1st.
** Drive Notes: very conservative play calling was the right thing to do on this drive.

10TH POSSESION from JAX 39, SF 20, JAX 3, 2:48 left in 4TH:
** Drive Notes: again, very conservative. all runs and they run out the clock.

GAME NOTES: alex had a MUCH BETTER game than his stats would indicate (several drops, slips and wrong routes.) running game was blocked VERY POORLY all game long


1ST POSSESION from own 25:
Drive stalled with alex int on a nice play by pro bowler d.dockett.
-- converted 3rd & 5 with hard count (but hit v.davis in hands on the play. it was dropped)
-- converted 3rd & 1 with gore run (2 hard counts by alex got them to 3rd and 1)
-- converted 3rd & 1 with another gore run.
** Drive Notes: hard count drew cards offside 3 times. alex overthrew 2 deep balls down middle on the drive. 1 to crabtree, 1 to walker. OL play was pretty bad on this series.

2ND POSSESION from own 19:
Drive stalled with sack of 6 yards on 1st down. alex pulled down the ball after only 2.5 seconds as c.campbell beat b.sims and sendlein beat a.snyder pretty good on the play. On 2nd down alex made the right read to crabtree, but ball was 12 inches to the outside. crabtree got hands on it, but we'll chalk that one up to bad WR/QB chemistry. would have been good for 1st down at AZ 27 or better. 3rd & 16 is always tricky. again alex made the right read but the ball was too high and mcfadden made a play (borderline PI.) a low outside ball doesnt get the 1st, but mcfadden cant make a play on it and you get 12 yards and you're in FG range at the AZ 32. result PUNT.
** Drive Notes: alex did a pretty nice job getting the ball out really quick. long run of 36yds by gore.

gore TD on 2nd down

3rd & 5 and cards come with 6. 9ers have 6 to block but 1 goes untouched and alex has to dump it quick to crabtree short by 1 yard. result FG
** Drive Notes: 1st and 2nd down were both 2 quick designed throws underneath.

5TH POSSESION from own 12:
After long run gore stuffed for 1yd on 1st down. big push by AZ DL and pro bowler d.dockett batts another ball down on 2nd down. on 3rd & 15 cards come with 5 and another blitzer goes untouched and alex has to dump ball off underneath really quickly. incomplete. result PUNT.
** Drive Notes: long run of 31 by gore. other than that OL play again was pretty poor.

6TH POSSESION from own 32:
Drive stalled after pickup of 3 by gore on 1st when after executing play fake alex turned around and had pressure right in his face and had to dump off to morgan for loss of 1. on 3rd & 8 alex did make a nice throw on a seam route to v.davis but pro bowler a.wilson deflected ball. alex did stare davis a bit but the ball came out fast enough and with wilson's in trail position in had little affect on that play. more than anything, i think opposing defenses had seen that play on film far too often at this point in the year to be fooled on 3rd & 8. result nedney missed 53yd FG.
-- alex converted 3rd & 10 to crabtree
** Drive Notes: very nice throw to morgan for 9yds.

7TH POSSESION from own 32:
Nice TD drive by alex capped with 17yd dig and 17yd run by crabtree. (ball was still just a tad high.)
-- alex converted 3rd & 10 by stepping up in the pocket vs the blitz and delivering a laser to the outside shoulder of v.davis who was well covered by a.wilson on the inside shoulder for a gain of 12.
** Drive Notes: 1 delay of game penalty on alex. alex again made the right read and threw a nice ball to crabtree on the 17yd dig but was off by 12inches too far inside. crabtree got hands on but we'll call that one again, bad QB/WR timing.

8TH POSSESION from own 43:
...only 7 seconds to go til halftime. 1 incompletion 1 throw underneath.

9TH POSSESION from own 10:
Drive stalled when 2 runs by gore netted 0 yards (more poor OL play.) on 3rd & 10 alex goes 15 yds to v.davis over the top and a.rolle gets maybe a pinky on the ball which is just enough to make davis drop it. i dont know the designed progressions on the play and the cards did blitz, but after watching the replay from the behind the QB angle, it appeared that the better option would have been to try to hit crabtree who had beaten his man off the line and was crossing the shallow middle. looks like it would have netted a 1st down.

10TH POSSESION from own 22:
a.wilson intercepts alex on a throw meant for d.walker. not sure what he saw or what he was reading, but it was a bad play. he didn't stare him down tho. i just think that a.wilson just wasn't fooled by the play or by d.walker's route. let's also not forget a.wilson is a pro-bowler tho.
** Drive Notes: gore is an animal and needs some help from the interior OL

11TH POSSESION from own 33:
Alex got away with one as a.wilson breaks up another throw intended for d.walker as he reads the route combination really well. a.wilson deflects a pass as he is blitzing near the LOS. a.wilson is a beast and he single-handedly ends this drive.
** Drive Notes: another long gore run of 17 yards

12TH POSSESION from AZ 16:
4 runs by gore. result TD!

13TH POSSESION from AZ 16:
Drive stalled when 2 more runs bring up 3rd & 5 but snyder false starts making it 3rd and 10. called shovel pass nets only 6.
-- 9ers in 4minute offense mode but 2 runs net 0 yards. alex converts 3rd & 10 with 14 yd laser to v.davis. AZ blitzed, but 9ers picked it up nicely and alex could step up in a clean pocket.
-- alex converts another crucial 3rd & 4 with a 6yd pass to crabtree to keep the chains moving and the clock running...
** Drive Notes: OL play again really let the team down on this drive, especially on 1st and 2nd down in the run game.

14TH POSSESION from AZ 16:
2 runs + an AZ penalty give the 9ers a 1st down with under 2min to play and alex can take a knee.

GAME NOTES: lots of blitzing by AZ resulted in lots of check downs and designed underneath quick throws by SF. alex really has a tendency to deliver balls a bit too high forcing WRs to have to leave their feet. not poorly thrown balls, but better placement will eventually lead to better YAC, less deflections by DBs and healthier, happier WRs. alex had 2 head-scratching throws and they were both intended for d.walker. one was the INT by a.wilson and the other was deflected by a.wilson. a lack of familiarity with crabtree was also very evident in this game as the two missed out on some very nice gains by only 12 inches here or 12 inches there.

12/20 v EAGLES

1ST POSSESION from own 29, SF 0, PHI 7, 12:40 left in 1ST:
gore had a 7yd run on 1st down with nice push by OL. 2nd down phi comes with 5 and 1 goes untouched right into alex's face and batts ball down. on 3rd & 3 alex delivers on target to j.hill and he drops it. would have been very close. result - nedney 51yd FG
** Drive Notes: alex had a very nice throw from a clean pocket to v.davis for 20yds.

2ND POSSESION from own 30, SF 3, PHI 0, 8:27 left in 1ST:
Drive ended when phi comes with 5 and 9ers have 6 in to block. alex correctly looks to v.davis right away who has beaten his man coverage badly but alex doesnt realize the DC has predicted this read and brings a DB from the opposite side of the field to take this away. intercepted. nice scheme by the D. v.davis is just as much to blame here as alex as he makes no effort to fight for the ball, a mistake vernon is not likely to make again.
** Drive Notes: phi came with 5 again and 1 came unblocked but there was a phi penalty on the play...

3RD POSSESION from own 27, SF 3, PHI 7, 5:50 left in 1ST:
2 runs on 1st and 2nd down net only 2yds. 3rd & 8 and phi zone blitzes 5. 9ers have 5 in to block plus coffee who gets a lousy chip and falls down so he doesnt block AND he cant be an outlet for alex who has 2 unblocked in his face. heitman and rachal touch nobody on the play. smith has NO CHANCE but to throw it away.
** Drive Notes: our blitz pickup SUCKS!

4TH POSSESION from PHI 29 , SF 3, PHI 7, 1:17 left in 1ST:
alex does a nice job of moving in pocket to evade the phi front 4 who get pressure too quick and makes nice throw to d.walker for a gain of about 10 to the phi 6yd line, but walker is stripped by s.brown. PHI ball.
** Drive Notes: what a blown opportunity to take the lead on the road. instead of a potential 10-7 lead we end up going down 14-3

5TH POSSESION from own 20, SF 3, PHI 14, 9:49 left in 2ND:
1st down is a quick throw to morgan for 1 yd. 2nd & 9 and phi again zone blitzes with 5, we have 6 to block but hansen comes untouched to force alex to throw it away. 3rd & 9 and a lot of pressure again and a.samuel reads the route combo and leaves his man to the safety and picks off a pass intended for v.davis. classic a.samuel.
** Drive Notes: our run blocking is VERY inconsistent

6TH POSSESION from own 23, SF 3, PHI 17, 4:19 left in 2ND:
Drive stalled after penalty on 1st makes it 1st & 15 then a 2yd run. 2nd down phi only comes with 4. alex looks to hill for 4yds but a.samuel looks like might be baiting him so alex starts to look downfield and the rush is getting there already. 3 guys in his face so he cant really even dump it off to gore. throws it away. 3rd & 13 and alex throws inc to a well covered vernon. nobody looked open on the replays.
** Drive Notes: direct snap to gore gains 18. quick screen to morgan picks up 15 but called back with snyder downfield.

7TH POSSESION from own 20, SF 3, PHI17, 0:44 left in half:
2nd & 3 phi only comes with 4 but as soon as alex's back foot starts to plant, snyder's man is already getting there, followed by rachal's man. alex tries to dump it off to gore as he's being tackled but it sails and gets picked.
** Drive Notes: snyder really sucks as a starter

8TH POSSESION from PHI 43 , SF 3, PHI 20, 14:51 left in 3RD:
on 1st down crabtree is confused and doesnt run a route or block, and alex has to throw it away as more blitzers goes untouched. a poorly blocked run on 2nd down and gore somehow manages 3yds. 3rd & 7 and a completion to morgan only gets 4. result FG.
-- alex converted 4th & 3 with nice throw to morgan and even better run gets another 20yds.
** Drive Notes: snyder really sucks. Great field position, but 2 ineffective runs + a d.walker false start bring up 3rd & 14. pass to crabtree only gets 11. but they convert on 4th. key play on the drive to me is crabtree getting confused on a designed bootleg on 1st & 10 from the phi 14. looked like he was the only option on the play. cant waste a down in that situation.

9TH POSSESION from PHI 35 , SF 6, PHI 20, 9:40 left in 3RD:
Nice play call, nice touch on ball that got out very quick to morgan underneath taking advantage of the void left by the blitz and nice effort by morgan to get into the endzone. result TD.
-- alex converts 4th & 5 with a decent ball to vernon against a 6 man blitz. nice catch by vernon on a ball that was a little behind him but there was enough touch on the ball it made the adjustment possible. nice job by both alex & vernon. gain of 15.
** Drive Notes: 1st down and phi blitz 6. alex executes play fake and as soon as he turns around has untouched t.cole sacking him for loss of 10. short pass to gore on 2nd brings up 3rd & 14 and pass to morgan gains only 9 but SF converts on 4th

10TH POSSESION from own 20, SF 13, PHI 20, 2:50 left in 3RD:
Drive stalled after back to back bad plays by rachal end up getting 2nd & 15. underneath throw to crabtree brings up ANOTHER 3RD & LONG. 3rd & 8 and another zone blitz of 5 gets another untouched blitzer up the A gap and alex doesnt have a chance...
** Drive Notes: great blocking takes advantage of blitz leads to run by gore on 1st play of drive gains 37yds.

11TH POSSESION from own 33, SF 13, PHI 27, 11:31 left in 4TH:
on the first play of the drive the refs missed a VERY BLATANT HOLD by j.parker on v.davis that spun davis around. it was a naked bootleg and davis looks to be the only target on that side of the field on the play. alex of course didnt throw the ball cuz davis didnt even have his balance til the last minute and alex barely got the ball off and tho davis drops it, even had it been complete it would have only been for 2yds. I only point it out because it is just this kind of play that if you dont review the game you end up just thinking alex blew the play by holding on to the ball too long, when that is not true. by the way, 2 of the refs were stand by refs as the regular crew could not make it due to the snow storm. on 2nd & 10 the eagles on rush 4, but they run a simple stunt which is too much for rachal & snyder to handle and as soon as alex's back foot hits the ground he starts to step into the throw. he is unable to get the ball away as j.parker is in his midsection and the pass ends up in the dirt. 3rd & 10 and they run a fake bubble screen to the left and gore sneaks out to the right with rachal in front. it's a slow developing play against only 4 rushers from phi but snyder barely touches his guy and alex is sacked as soon as he finishes executing the fake. if anything, i'm not sure i call slow developing plays when my OL is having trouble blocking fast developing ones but... punt on 4th & 18
** Drive Notes: snyder really sucks. really.

12TH POSSESION from own 13, SF 13, PHI 27, 7:35 left in 4TH:
Drive stalled after the 4th down conversion. the next play smith goes deep for crabtree and this ball is pretty badly underthrown. crabtree had s.brown beat pretty good. a deeper ball might have gotten crabtree lit up by the S who seemed to have been shading crabtree (alex started by looking to the opposite side of the field) a perfect ball is a TD. if alex doesnt pump fake before he turns to crabtree's side, there is a bigger window to fit the ball in and i dont think the fake fooled the S anyway but... delay of game on 2nd down. this is a BIG mistake at a crucial time and its ALL on alex as they were lined up with 10seconds to go but there didnt seem to be any real urgency will calling the protections almost as he was unaware of the play clock. INEXCUSABLE. 2nd & 15 and an OK play to morgan for 8. now it's 3rd & 7 (not 2) and heitman is beaten badly off the line and alex not only has to throw early but his arm is hit as he releases and there's no chance. 4th & 7 and phi only brings 4 but this time baas is beaten pretty bad. alex could have gotten the ball away if he threw the instant his back foot hit the ground (i dont know if anyone was open with 7 in coverage cuz no view on TV) but he pats the ball once and that's all phi front 4 needs. alex eludes the 1st guy but t.cole is able to come off staley for the sack.
-- converted 3rd & 2 with a deep ball down the sideline to crabtree that went incomplete but the DB never looked for the ball and drew and eay PI call. i probably would have preferred to see alex just run for the sure 1st down but the camera angle doesnt show you what alex was looking at and he was motioning to crabtree as he was rolling out so maybe they had something going there that they'd discussed earlier... 1st down and a gain of 44yds.
** Drive Notes: crisp throw from alex on 2nd & 14 from his own 9 to crabtree on a 12 yd out to bring up 3rd and a manageable 2. a shot at the endzone from the phi35 to j.hill that was underthrown a bit and was deflected. see this is what i mean about alex needing to get the ball down more. on 3rd & 6 from the phi31 he delivers an OK ball to that is caught by morgan, BUT morgan has to go up to get it and the LBs have a chance to put a hit on morgan so he only nets 5.9yds and brings up 4th & 1 inch. a ball to morgans belly and he can just fall backward before the LB gets there and pick up the 1st. little things that make a HUGE difference. of course they QB sneak and get the 1st so...

GAME NOTES: our lack of cohesiveness by the OL SUCKS!!! especially vs the blitz. alex needs to grow in a hurry... but as bad as the score, we're really NOT that far away.

12/27 v DET

1ST POSSESION from own 12, SF 0, DET 3, 6:54 left in 1ST:
1st offensive play of game and snyder lets the LDE come unblocked to alex who is sacked for loss of 4. dont know what the line call was or exactly who to blame, but c'mon... it was a basic 4 man front. how do you just let the big mean looking guy right in front of you go smash your QB? 2nd & 14 is a lead draw and rachal gets blown up right into gore as he is taking the hand-off. 1yd. 3rd & 13 and baas fails to recognize a basic blitz with the mike LB coming in until he's grabbing for gore's ankles. loss of 5yds. punt

2ND POSSESION from own 22, SF 0, DET 3, 3:19 left in 1ST:
after big play to crabtree, gore run up the middle losses 1. 2nd & 11 and alex just plain overthrows a d.walker in endzone who has a step on his man. 2nd TD throw on this drive alex missed. 3rd & 11 and DET comes with 5 and 9ers have 6 to block but 1 still goes untouched to alex and he has to throw the ball away.
** Drive Notes: sick of hearing these know it all announcers say how we should get back to "our strength" and run the ball more on this series. last series was 1 pass (-4yds) and 2 runs (-4yds). we led the league in runs of 2yds or less. our run game was pretty pathetic too outside of how spectacular gore is when he has just a little daylight. nice run action left, bootleg right and a 50yd bomb to crabtree. yes a better thrown ball and crabtree keeps his feet for a TD (really nice route by crabtree) but given their lack of familiarity and chemistry for the previous 7 games i dont know if i blame alex for taking the "safe" throw instead of going for the "perfect" throw. HOWEVER i will not cut him the same slack in 2010. this wasnt a very good series for alex.

3RD POSSESION from own 47, SF 3, DET 3, 13:29 left in 2ND:
1st & 10 and ANOTHER untouched blitzer knocks the ball down as alex goes to unload it quickly. 2nd & 10 and a designed throw underneath to d.walker gains 2yds. 3rd & 8 and an accurate pass to gore in the flat gets 7.5yds. on 4th & .5 d.walker slips and misses his block and baas trips and falls without touching anybody and gore is stopped for no gain. turn over on downs. pathetic.
** Drive Notes:

4TH POSSESION from own 48, SF 3, DET 3, 9:07 left in 2nd:
1st down run goes for 2yds. 2nd down and heitmann gets beat right off the snap and gets called for holding. 2nd & 18 and another designed swing pass to gore picks up only 6 (i dont like that call.) 3rd & 12 and a deep ball to josh morgan has nobody fooled and the safety is able to get there and knock morgan out of bounds before he can come down with the ball. alex was late with the thrown.
** Drive Notes: snyder get pushed back REALLY quickly on a designed swing pass to gore and his man knocks the ball down. 2nd straight drive with GREAT field position and we are unable to capitalize. alex deserves criticism for not having a good game so far IMO. OL has been much worse tho.

5TH POSSESION from own 46, SF 3, DET 3, 4:43 left in 2nd:
1st down after the walker play for 22 and alex looks left quick then immediately delivers right to crabtree on an out, but baas was beaten badly and his man is hitting alex in the stomach as he is throwing and the ball sails really high. even tho the announcer blames alex, (and he's right to a degree) baas needs to give his QB longer than that. 2nd & 10 and a quick screen to morgan is on the wrong shoulder and he has to spin around to make the grab. if he doesnt have to do that the play might go for 4 or 5, instead it's only a gain of 1. 3rd & 9 and DET brings 5. we have 6 to block but gore IMMEDIATELY is forced inside to cover for heitmann/rachal leaving the safety untouched for alex. he is backpedaling 10yds off the LOS when he has to throw underneath to crabtree and delmas stops him for 1yd. result FG.
3rd & 1 and again snyder is beat off the snap and alex has to scramble. he finds d.walker for 22 but if he can make the throw earlier without having to evade snyder's man the play probably goes for 40 yds or a TD.
** Drive Notes: alex is having a subpar game but the OL is still playing HORRIBLE. they cannot seem to deal with a vanilla 5 man blitz. bye bye foerester. you will not be missed.

6TH POSSESION from DET 40, SF 6, DET 3, 1:42 left in 2nd:
1st down and alex goes to j.hill in the middle of the field. underthrows it by 1 yd and the LB is able to just get his fingers on it, cuz j.hill was open for the TD. incomplete. 2nd & 10 and alex hits morgan on the outside for 6yds. 3rd & 4, DET brings 4 and it is very poorly blocked. rachal is the only guy to win and the other 3 DL all push alex way back. he is never able to plant his feet. he makes a leaping, backpedaling throw that still gets batted down by the 3 DL that are converging on him. incomplete. this one's on the line again, mainly baas and heitmann. result BLOCKED FG
-- 3rd & 10 and alex has just enough room in the pocke to be able to step up and hit crabtree on a comeback for 11 yds.
-- 3rd & 4 and they pick up the blitz again... whatdoyaknow... alex lofts one to the sideline to morgan for 6yds and a 1st down.
** Drive Notes: 1st play and DET only brings 4 and runs a stunt. as soon as alex's backfoot hits the ground he is staring at a DL coming full speed straight for him up the middle and he is able to throw it away. 2nd down and c.avril goes way up to knock the ball down at the LOS. i'm thinking alex's long windup and delivery might have a lot to do with all the balls batted down.

7TH POSSESION ??? missed the 1st few plays of 2nd half, SF 6, DET 3:
missed 1st down. sorry. 2nd down run by gore gains 0. 3rd & 10 and alex scrambles and hit crabtree for only 7yds. punt

8TH POSSESION from DET 49, SF 6, DET 3, 10:39 left in 3rd:
-- 3rd & goal from the 2 and alex hits vernon for a TD. the "fishy" TD ;)
** Drive Notes: big screen play to gore for 20yds. some really nice running by gore on runs of 7 and 15 that werent well blocked but gore is just gore.

9TH POSSESION from own 37, SF 13, DET 3, 5:13 left in 3rd:
-- 3rd & 3 and gore comes up just shy of the 1st. 4th and inches and they run a play fake, davis is beaten BAD in pass pro and alex is able to just check down to his 2nd read to as he is being hit (cant even follow thru) but there is enough air under the ball gore can adjust to it and it turns into a gain of 48. really nice play by alex. REALLY NICE and some good running by gore as well.
-- 3rd & goal on the 1. TD gore up the middle!
** Drive Notes: some really nice running by gore with some ~ok blocking by the OL.

10TH POSSESION from own 42, SF 20, DET 3, 13:50 left in 4th:
3 runs by gore gain 2 yards
** Drive Notes: nice end-around to morgan gains about 20. i'm complete ok with the really conservative play calling on this drive. just wish our OL blocked a little better.

11TH POSSESION from own 27, SF 20, DET 3, 8:34 left in 4TH:
1st play of drive is a run and a fumble by gore. but it's ok cuz the next play is an INT by d.bly.

12TH POSSESION from own 45, SF 20, DET 3, 8:12 left in 4TH:
2 runs by gore gain only 2 yards. on 3rd & 8 and snyder is beaten badly again, alex telegraphs the pass and it is nearly picked off.
** Drive Notes: horrible OL play. alex not having a good game.

13TH POSSESION from own 20, SF 20, DET 6, 3:51 left in 4TH:
4 or 5 runs by gore then a punt
** Drive Notes: kill the clock drive.

14TH POSSESION from DET 47, SF 20, DET 6, 1:53 left in game:

GAME NOTES: very poorly played on the OL. alex had the worst game i saw from him all year.

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u sure have alot of time on your hands lol
Sounds like you are concluding that poor line play stalled a number of drives and poor timing and connection between A. Smith and his receivers. Improvement on both of these points would help the offense?
Originally posted by Ninefan56:
Sounds like you are concluding that poor line play stalled a number of drives and poor timing and connection between A. Smith and his receivers. Improvement on both of these points would help the offense?

yup thats what it seems like hes saying to me and i agree

good job
Originally posted by Ninefan56:
Sounds like you are concluding that poor line play stalled a number of drives and poor timing and connection between A. Smith and his receivers. Improvement on both of these points would help the offense?

Exactly what I been sayin all along. Nice to see it broken down tho.

What really surprised me about that game tho, what that Alex trusted the Line to start off with 3 hard counts. That could have bitten us in the ass had our guys been too tentative or even had they been too wound up. As much as I believe Harris got a bad rap, he probably would have coughed up a penalty or two in that situation.

Good job with the break down.

Good post.....hopefully those mistakes get cleaned up this offseason.

You must be Alex's agent
really good post. moral of the story: WE NEED A RT!!!!!
where do you find the replays of the games? i wouldn't mind watching the jaguar game again
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
where do you find the replays of the games? i wouldn't mind watching the jaguar game again

in your DVR

Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
where do you find the replays of the games? i wouldn't mind watching the jaguar game again

in your DVR

me no have
gotta credit the detail. nice work

one think that needs to be installed into the offense is having receivers at varying route depths. i noticed quite a few 3rd and longs last year where everyone went deep.
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
u sure have alot of time on your hands lol

haha no... just finding an excuse to put off doing my taxes...
Originally posted by Ceadderman:
Originally posted by Ninefan56:
Sounds like you are concluding that poor line play stalled a number of drives and poor timing and connection between A. Smith and his receivers. Improvement on both of these points would help the offense?

Exactly what I been sayin all along. Nice to see it broken down tho.

What really surprised me about that game tho, what that Alex trusted the Line to start off with 3 hard counts. That could have bitten us in the ass had our guys been too tentative or even had they been too wound up. As much as I believe Harris got a bad rap, he probably would have coughed up a penalty or two in that situation.

Good job with the break down.


well, remember this is JUST ONE GAME so far, but this one kind of confirmed what most of us thought already. bad OL play, alex not playing the way we want him to which is like a QB who is in complete control out there. Whether or not he can become that guy with more time in the same system... i guess we'll find that out in about 6 mos.

THE ONE THING ABOUT THE HARD COUNTS... is that theoretically that should help the OL. it makes the DL hesitate just that additional split second since they got chewed out for getting 3 penalties on the opening drive. that can get in their head just a tiny bit, and that slight delay, should give the OL an extra little advantage.
Originally posted by darkknight49:
gotta credit the detail. nice work

one think that needs to be installed into the offense is having receivers at varying route depths. i noticed quite a few 3rd and longs last year where everyone went deep.

i think i know the exact play you're talking about...
usually ran from trips with v.davis standing up just outside the tackle. he runs the seam on a post, outside guy runs a go on an outside release and the middle guy runs a go??? that the one? i was disappointed that as safeties started to recognize that play and jump v.davis toward the end of the year, alex never stared down vernon and took a shot at the outside guy with the one on one coverage (since the satety would be cheating toward the middle to help on v.davis) alex always just threw to vernon... too predictable. when the safety KNOWS who you're going to throw to it doesnt put pressure on him...
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