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The Official Paraag Marathe for GM Bandwagon

Originally posted by BigDaddy:
Hire Cowher and pay him what he wants or forever suck it!
I would hope that by now the Yorks have learned not to hire someone for a position that he has never held before and has no track record of success with it.
Originally posted by Mex49:
Not so sure about this guy anymore. How hard is it to find a guy with math skills

This is why I am okay with some racism and discrimination in the NFL for Indians. He is good at crunching numbers, but there's natural talent involved with scouting draft picks and free agents.
I'm a big conspiracy theorist so I'll throw in a new theory.

Over the past 3 days, the 49ers have granted Scot McCloughan a leave of absence for personal reasons but from all news reports, McCloughan will no longer be the GM and will not return to the 49ers. So basically, they have mutually agreed to part ways. We've also learned that McCloughan is going through a divorce. Divorce isn't final with his wife but the proceedings have begun since February.

Now, I don't think McCloughan wants to leave the 49ers. I think he wants to see his work and all the talent his accumulated win the NFC West next season and become perennial playoff contenders again. Who wouldn't want to see all their hard work become a success?

So if McCloughan doesn't want to leave, why would he agree to part ways with the 49ers. He would be better off financially if the 49ers just fired him and they would have to pay his full contract.

This is where my conspiracy theory comes into play. When I read Michael Silver's Yahoo Article, I found an interesting part from it:

A source close to McCloughan said, the general manager “was blindsided” on Wednesday when York called him into a meeting with other high-ranking team officials and told him his services were no longer wanted. There’s a suspicion among those in the McCloughan camp – and other sources familiar with the team’s front-office politics – that Paraag Marathe, the Niners’ vice president of football operations, pushed for the move as an attempt to gain more power.

So back to my question, if McCloughan is being "forced out," why would he mutually agree to part ways and take less money in a settlement? He would make more money by just getting fired.

My theory is that someone in the organization (maybe Paraag or someone else) has some dirt on McCloughan that could effect the divorce proceedings (like take away visitation rights from his kids or something like that because maybe Scot is having multiple affairs or drug addiction, alcoholism). They are then using this information to blackmail him to leave the 49ers or else they will release their information to Scot's wife.

It just doesn't make sense for Scot to leave without putting up a fight...and in reality he hasn't.

Think about it. Everybody wins in this settlement:
-Whoever is doing the blackmailing gets more power in the organization.
-The Yorks save money from not having to pay Scot's full contract.
-Scot gets settlement money and any dirt on him will not be revealed.

What do you guys think? yes, no, Desi - you're an idiot!!!!
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Originally posted by excelsior:
I would hope that by now the Yorks have learned not to hire someone for a position that he has never held before and has no track record of success with it.

It's our tradition to train all senior management in house. In order for the trainees to be free of bad habits, the ownership only recruit people with no prior experience. The trainees learn all they required skill on the job at minimum cost to the franchise. The ownership has tremendous success in this practice.

Mike Nolan, with no prior HC or GM experience, but the ownership allowed him to learn on the job. He wrote the master rebuilding plan while interning as HC. Nolan was the best valued HC in the league.

Mike Singletary, no prior HC or coordinator experience and was allowed to learn on the job . Again, Singletary's intern contract is the best valued HC in the league.

Paraag Marathe, no football experience at all, but learn everything on the job and interned at various position. and yes, best valued executive in the league.

Scott McCloughan, no gm experience, interned for the position under Nolan at minimum cost to the franchise.

Our practice is highly praised by other owners at the owners meetings.
Jed, I love your parody - first rate.
a perfect example of the "Peter Principle"
Originally posted by excelsior:
I would hope that by now the Yorks have learned not to hire someone for a position that he has never held before and has no track record of success with it.

Originally, this concept was part and parcel of the York business plan. What was previously unbeknownst and not part of the original plan was the notion that someone like Singletary could actually take a roster of middling talent and extract above-average productivity.

Thus, we see the current business plan adjustment to eliminate the GM position. Papa York's not dumb. In fact, he's quite a shrewd businessman. But, don't be fooled. This is a business first.

If the team wins, the credit goes to Sing.
Lot of new posters posting the same things. Some shenanigans going down. Just saying...
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