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2010 Draft Party

Is there going to be a draft party like previous years? I know the draft falls on a thursday this year?

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wtf Thursday?

Frikkin Goodell!!!
It's stupid that it is going to be on a Thursday night but if the Niners have a big party I'll be there.
i hope they have one this year..
Yes, there will be a draft party -- the season ticket package refers to it.
Will be kind of wierd since the first round is on a Thursday night!
Originally posted by rapid4:
Yes, there will be a draft party -- the season ticket package refers to it.

So I assume no info has been available yet to the gen public?
The draft layout was perfect last year. Stupid Goodell
Sucks!...oh well i"ll just have to watch it on my BIG flat screen. Luckily we pick later in the round. The s**t starts at 4:30 though. Imma miss the first pick by the Lambs .
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Well this works out for me since I get out of class at 2:45 that day and I can just lightrail to the draft party from SJSU.

But still, I did like the old format of the draft.
I already put in my request/had it granted to get that day off....

Draft WEEKEND was perfect.....Be able to throw a party/attend a party was EASY for everyone...Now, they've put the draft during the work-week and at a time where millions won't be able to watch it....

I wouldn't be surprised if this is a one-and-done plan. I have a feeling this is going to backfire and they'll be back to a weekend format next year.
EVERYONE is invited to deejaecee's place for a FREE BARBECUE and BEER DRAFT PARTY!!!!!!!
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