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Shaun Hill Traded

Wish we could have got a 6th, but good s**t. Enjoy the new surroundings hill, would be nice if he found a way to make the lions good.
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Good luck Hill.
There goes the season.
Shaun Hill > David Carr
Damn, the Lions? Poor Shaun.
Good luck and thanks for everything Shaun!
Originally posted by horsecore:
Damn, the Lions? Poor Shaun.

Good Luck to Hill, but I can't believe we got something.
He should just retire and save himself from having to live in Detroit...what a horrible place.
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well shaun was a bright spot these last few years, esspecially when the niners were struggling towards the end of the season
gud luck shaun!

At least Shaun Hill will not beat the niners next year.
retire or make 1-2 million a year for sitting on a bench? I wish they would have gotten a pick this year, but at least getting something for him is nice!
Originally posted by niners94:
Good Luck to Hill, but I can't believe we got something.
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I will miss Hill
Originally posted by luv49rs:
I will miss Hill

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