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OFFICIAL bring Adam PAC MAN Jones to the Niners

I think he can help our secendary out even with his history. Look what Sing did to Davis. changed his whole attitude and now he a team captin. I think he can do it for him to. So who agrees? IF you dont just kindly tell why you dont.
Let me just put a OH HELL NO on that!!! Being from Tennessee, I got to see a lot on T.V. about all the s**t he got into. This guy is the definition of cancer to a team!
Originally posted by TheChozen:
This guy is the definition of cancer to a team!

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Cue the lock as there is already a thread in the appropriate forum.
To be honest, I think Pacman needs the 49ers more than the 49ers need him. That said, I agree that Singletary could finally make a man of him so if he has a chance it's in San Francisco, or Santa Clara as it where. Detroit, on the other hand, would not work out so well for him, and I’m sure the 49ers would be a more desirable destination. If Singletary likes what he sees and here’s from him at his work out, than I’m all for it.
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