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Dashon Goldson negotiating extension...

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just have to connect the dots on this one, antrell rolle gets overpaid, goldson agent is rosenhaus and goldson has free agency looming.....i think he played well last season but all this talk about 7 mil a year is stupid

Per MM

S Dashon Goldson. The 49ers were close to reaching an extension with Goldson when he switched agents. Now he and Drew Rosenhaus are looking for a bigger - much bigger - deal, one that would make Goldson one of the three or four highest-paid safeties in the league. (Rosenhaus client Antrel Rolle is the highest-paid safety. He signed a five-year, $37 million contract with $15 million guaranteed with the Giants earlier this year). The 49ers need to see Goldson in action another season before making a decision. Yes, Goldson has plenty of potential, and the 49ers are salivating over a potential Goldson-Taylor Mays safety tandem. But that's all it is right now - potential. Goldson also has a long injury history that goes back to college. Last year was his first 16-game season.

I've always been a big Goldson supporter and in general believe that players that play should get paid, but seriously f**k Goldson and his greedy ass. Most of the time he is injured and after one good season he wants to hold the team hostage with over the top contract demands? I say keep his ass, if he is any good in 11 franchise him and either work out a deal or draft his replacement. I'm very disappointed in him...

He doesn't have the coverage skills necessary to be a top-paid safety in this league. He's got the ballhawk mentality, but I saw him get twirled around like a top too often this past season.
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Sign him!
Classic case if starting high, then settling in between. We will NOT sign him for $7 mil a year, even if he plays light sout this year. Maybe but doubt that.
at that salary no way its gonna happen honestly goldson is replaceable we can easily replace him in the draft if we have to the only thing i want is VD and maybe alex smith to a long term contract IMO franklin is replacable however id much rather have him on our team (depending on the salary)
If he really is asking for that much and plans on holding firm to that ball park then there's no point in extending him. We may as well let his contract run out. No team is gonna pay him that much and if they will, we can trade him for a draft pick to replace him and let that team make him the 2nd or 3rd highest paid safety in the league. But again, no team is gonna give him that type of money.
Rosenhaus epitomizes greed
if goldson comes out and plays great, his price will go up even more than he and his agent have set it at, however if he plays bad he wont lower his price from what he thinks it is right now, thats the part that pisses me off

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This is the player I would hate to lose. I say keep him and let Lawson go.
Originally posted by GORO:
This is the player I would hate to lose. I say keep him and let Lawson go.
Goldson hasn't shown enough to make 7 mil, im sure if we don't give him a new contract he will walk at the end of the season.

So I hope reggie smith steps up this year.
I want to keep him but it seems like he's getting Julian Peterson syndrome ("hey, he's like the quarterback of the defense, he should be paid like Manning")
Pay him, and pay him NOW!!!!!!!!
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