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JWhitlock of FoxSports Top Ten QB's..

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most of the names here I agree....just not the order....Montana & Young or Young & Montana (LOL) then Elway

Whitlock makes a thinking point with SYoung...8 years before he started full-time in NFL!! Maybe it was for the better...obviously things worked out for Steve, all the way to Hall of Fame.

PS again a so-called expert says: "Montana had Jerry Rice for three of his four Super Bowls"..Wrong!

Niners back to Super Bowl again in 2010!!
This guy is an idiot. Elway over Montana..
1) Elway
2) Montana
3) Unitas
4) Marino
5) Young
6) Brady
7) Favre
8) Manning
9) Staubach
10) Tarkenton

What a Deuche! Elway over Montana!
I like Young being in there at #5 though.
yes he is a little off on his rankings:

1. Montana
2. Brady
3. Elway
4. Unitas
5. Manning
6. Favre
7. Young
8. Marino
9. Otto G.
10. Frank T.
Once again they are wrong!!

Mike Sando at ESPN wrote Montana was 3-0 in the Superbowl.. No he was not, Montana was 4-0 with 3 MVP's...

Now this other idiot is saying Montana had Rice for 3 of his 4 Superbowls.. Once again!!! FALSE!! Montana had Rice for 2 Superbowls, not 3... The idiot writes, Brady was throwing to Troy Brown... Does he not remember Deion Branch, David Patten, all viable recievers?!?!?! You mean to tell me that Dwight Clark and Freddie Soloman where that much better to throw too, if at all, who Montana had his first 2 Superbowls, and did not have Craig out of the backfield till his second? Don't get me wrong, not trying to knock Dwight or Freddie, loved em, but they were not super top flight receivers either!

How would Montana do in an era where DB's could actually defend? Uh, hey dips**t, Elway played in the same era as Montana, so that would apply to him too.. Really Elway above Montana!!!! Elway lost 3 Superbowls! 2 IN A ROW!!!!! AND 3 IN A 4 YEAR SPAN!!!!!

And in head to head against Montana, Elway got blown out in the biggest margin of victory in Superbowl History 55-10!!!! Montana threw a then record 5 TD passes against the #1 Defense that year in Denver.. They had one of the best NT in Greg Kragen, one of the best LBers in Karl Mecklenburg and an All-Pro Secondary featuring Steve Atwater, Dennis Smith and Tyrone Braxton!!!

Whitlock is a freakin moron!!!!
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Bedsides Elway's epic comebacks was he was also a f**king choke artist (specially in Superbowls) during the earliest parts of his career (not just because he was on incompetent rosters with hardluck coaching staffs), which is why he couldn't land a Lombardi until Shannahan came into town with the WCO.

Taking nothing away from Elway (he was an amazing player and person), but Joe Montana played like a genius, and he owns the overall win/loss record over Elway on 2 different teams (SF/KC).
Since the debate focuses largely on the quality of receivers that a QB had to throw to, it is implicit in the discussion that receivers play a significant role in a QB's success.

Ergo, was Alex Smith's success, or lack thereof, tied somewhat to the quality of his receivers? Of course.
"How would he (Joe M.) perform in an era when DBs were actually allowed to defend receivers?"

I can't believe people make a living writing this garbage.
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As some of the most informed fans in the football universe..Niner fans have to constantly point out to these high paid "experts" that the AFC teams that Montana & Young beat in Super Bowls were filled with Pro Bowl and Hall of Famers too!!

News flash to the experts: Jerry Rice came from Mississippi Valley State..
that's not who the Niners beat in 5 Super Bowl's!

PS. How soon some forget those great Giant, Dallas, Washington, Chicago & Minnestoa teams Niners had to beat just to get to the Big Game....I mean WTF damn!


Another Alex Smith thread.
If Montana played in New York or for that one team in texas, it'd probably be unanimous across the board IMO.
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I seen it too, the guy is insane. Montana is #1 there is no debate.
I stopped reading after he said Elway had the athleticism of Vince Young. It is nice to see Fox Sports give employment to the retarded though.
Whitlock knows more about the NBA then he does about the NFL.

Also he always just writes stuff just to cause a reaction. Dude thinks he is a lot smarter then he really is.
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