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The State of the 49ER fans

As a New Yorker, and die hard niner fan... I must be blunt and honest a whole, most niner fans are frauds and really dont know much about football. most niners, all they do is b***h and complain about the qb..... or complain about the head coach.... look, to be perfectly honest, no opposing team fears coming into candlestick because most fans are soft, dont make any noise, and are just there to be seen....the niner fan base is not as diehard or football intelligent like steelers, packers, eagles, giants, jets, bears and etc....Most niner fans just want to complain about the qb...this is the same group of fans that wanted to give the worst head coach in nfl history,mike nolan, another year....or have a starting qb that throws a 30 yard pass like a punt....or supports a center that has been apart of one of the worst offensive lines for the last 6 plus years....or wants to have a new oc for 7th consecutive year....
instead of just talking about the qb...lets really analyze football the right way.... a
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Awesome! Another noobie thread!
Yes. You really sound like a 49ers fan. Why not make a joke about our Mothers while your at it? I pity the fool!!
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Oh noes!! Meccaniner is from New York!

Do all niner fans in New York use 3-4 periods after every sentence?
Originally posted by blacksailsmd:

I've solved obama's doubling are export idea... Ship this guy to the raiders...

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