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Top scoring teams in NFC Championships

The niners were in 4 of them

89 vs the rams
92, 93 & 94 vs the Cowboys

Finally someone else

2010 Saints vs Minn

It's really amazing how the niners had such a good scoring offense for all those years. We had such good players, depth and QB play. Also, we were ahead of a lot of teams with huge leads and ran the clock on so so many teams so i thought we would run up 20 to 30 and that's it let the D go to work.

The Saints have an above average D average against the run and pass and Minn is great against the run but HORRIBLE against the pass.

It just shows that not too many teams were great on Offense AND Defense especially now a days. We were really spoiled for 20 years. No other fans can say that.
They were so good for so many years, I almost got BORED watching cuz I knew they were going to cream teams.

Oh, silly boy, how I wish to be bored again...
Where have the good times gone?
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