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Looking Back, would you rather have had Pete Carroll or Mike Nolan?

I liked Carroll when he was with us..actually wanted him to replace seifert instead Steve "soft" mooch
Nolan was a divider and an idiot of a coach. Carroll for sure.
i dont think pete would've been ready. while at USC he was considered a god, he was never humpled up until his last 2 years pretty much. he needed to learn how to lose and overcome that. and if he would've took over that Niners team, he would've been fired after one year.
Don't make me look back and remember all the things that happened to us
This is a no-brainer. No matter how you feel about Carroll these days, he would have been better than Nolan.
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Pete Carroll.

Anyone who'd rather live through the pathetic trash of the Nolan regime makes me laugh. Carroll didn't want to leave USC back at that point though.
Originally posted by susweel:
I would take Pete Carrol because Nolan really screwed up this team.

I stick with my answer from 3 years ago.
pete if only he would've drafted the same players as Seahawks secondary
I think I remember that Pete Carroll was interested but then he saw the mess in the front office and brass and said no.
I remember the media hype about the possibility of Pete and his coaching staff coming to the Stick. I was pretty pumped about it.

So yeah, Carroll over Nolan.

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
VP of player personnel (scot's position from '05-'07) =/= GM (which Nolan was from '05 till his "demotion" in early '08 before that year's draft)

Gore was Nolan's pick and he had final say.

^ this article argues otherwise, but clearly during his first 3 drafts that brought in much of the core of this team his position was subordinate to Nolan & considering McC's less than stellar picks in '08 & '09 (other than Crabs who basically fell into his lap) and despite some of those picks foisted on him by singletary, scot showed when running the draft on his own he didn't do as good as Nolan (arguably he wasn't given as much of a chance)

McCloughan was the guy who brought Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis to SF. Say what you want about that drunkard, but those were moves that ended up paying off eventually (immediately in the case of #52)
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I thin Carroll is one of the most unappealing coaches in the NFL.
Originally posted by Mayor88:
I thin Carroll is one of the most unappealing coaches in the NFL.

Something specific? Or are you just not generally attracted to older men?
That is a question like do you want to die by hanging or by electrocution. Noln did draft some pretty decent guys but that is all he did, beside wreck this team. Carroll is a cheat. He cheated at USC to win, by buying Reggie Bush's family a house ( no big deal, but that is cheating) and that wasn't the only one. So NO I wouldn't have wanted a cheater as HC...who escaped to the NFL just ahead of sanctions where he coached...which hurt USC, not him. For that, he stinks. Also do you really want a coach who cheats? Not I. HC has to be beyond reproach, in addition to being well qualified.
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Originally posted by maltz88:
Something specific? Or are you just not generally attracted to older men?

I do not know. He seems arrogant and pretentious.
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