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If Pete Carroll comes to the NFC West...

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Do you think Sing and his coaching staff can keep up with Whisenhunt and Carroll? I think Carroll can turn the Seahawks around, I just don't know how quickly. Whis already has the Cardinals in the playoffs. Say what you want, but whisenhunt is a good coach. I actually believe Spagnola can bring the Rams back eventually.
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i am not afraid of carrol, especially with him coach and also in charge of personnel decisions. if warner retires, and bolden leaves, how can we not be the favorite to win the nfc west? have u seen matt leinart play? not impressive
Pete Carrol better have learned to coach in the NFL since his last gig. I am not really concerned with him being the shehawks coach. I never thought much of him, and now that he is bailing on his school just because the NCAA is looking into his team, I think even less of him.
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We own the Cardinals already. We will own them even more when Kurt Warner retires.

Pete Carroll is the most overrated coach in this history of football. Without his illegal recruiting violations he will do absolutely nothing in Seattle. We will crush Seattle.
Carroll just resigned from USC, so im sure he'll be in the nfc west.
He won't have the advantage of having the best players in the country automatically come and play for him. He will have to deal with the NFL system which is the opposite of the college. The pro system makes it harder for you to aquire talent the better you do and in college the better you do the easier it is too recruit. Let's see how he does when he isn't consistently being handed the best talent in the country.
Not worried about Pete Carroll
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Singletary is the best coach in the NFC West.
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I agree with everyone so far. Carrol won games because of better talent and a knack to cheat with out getting caught. With out superior athletes he will be in trouble, he had the college equivalent of getting 15 first round draft picks every year.
if he takes that job then i hope we CRUSH the seachickens even harder. he had a chase to comeback & resurrect the niners & it we weren't good enough. F^k him & the seachickens. GO NINERS!!! in 2010 & beyond crushing our division rivals especially the tards & pete carrolls seachickens

pete carroll is a loser in the nfl..some coaches just belong in college(saban,spurrier)
All his rah rah bullsh!t wont fly in the NFL. Getting players to play hard for you by overlooking boosters who are buying them things or closing your eyes to rules violations don't work when the players are making more money than him. He has a task similar to Singletary of trying to get some direction on a lost team. I think the 49ers actually have more talent than Seattle. Fvck them and fvck Carroll. No respect for a guy who runs from a program after he knows the NCAA is coming for him and leaves the kids behind to suffer the probationary consequences. Coward b!tch.

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Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
pete carroll is a loser in the nfl..some coaches just belong in college(saban,spurrier)
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i agree with what i heard yesterday.....

there is a difference between coaching rich 25 year olds and coaching poor 19 year olds.
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Carroll doesnt have a good track record in the NFL. Dont be fooled by his college success.

(see Steve Spurrier, Dennis Erikkson, Nick Saban......)
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