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Chris Foerster Being Retained..

o line coach being retained

MattMaiocco :

Offensive line coach Chris Foerster is being retained in same position on 49ers staff for 2010, team says. Many fans had asked about status.

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keep foerster fire everest?
Originally posted by MadMartz:
keep foerster fire everest?

singletary is a genius
its all part of a master plan
he knows wassup
singletary will be gone next year when this team misses the playoffs again, what a dumb ass
Great, now let's draft a couple of quality OL so he can set them back a year or two
Its not his fault he has crappy linemen to work with.

The blame goes on McClueless for drafting stiffs like Baas, Snyder, and Rachal.
Losing faith in Sing. He should have been fired. Horrible OL coach and his history shows that he has always been terrible. Alex is gonna be running for his life again next year.

Originally posted by teeohh:
singletary will be gone next year when this team misses the playoffs again, what a dumb ass
Sing proves once again that he knows jack s**t about offense.

We are a halfway decent offensive line away from the playoffs but don't look for it next year.

Sad day to be a Niner fan.
Well the thing is we keep saying we need continuity on offense and that is why we should keep Raye well if we keep Raye and fire the O-Line coach you are going to have a lot of the same problems, new blocking scheme, its going to take the O-Line time to learn that scheme and jell so if your going to keep Raye you might as well keep Forester, IMO. Im not saying it is a great thing or it will work out but if Singletary wants to have continuity, I can understand why he is going to keep Forester around.

Now lets go out and get a quality vetran OG or C and hopefully draft Bryan Bulaga
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