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This game was basically a microcosm of the entire season for us on offense. Ugly, unimaginative first half with little else other than runs up the middle and short underneath routes. Lo and behold, we're sucking hard (again--vs ARI, MIN, vs. STL twice, HOU, GB, DET, etc) at half. Then we change the entire offense, primarily working out of the gun and mixing in runs and PA passes to good effect.

Crabs and VD have the potential to be something special. Seeing Crabtree live and again today, I'm amazed at how fluid his routes are and how much separation he consistently gains on DBs. VD just had a career year and will only get better. Smith is finally playing well, and though he has a lot to work on, should be better next year. Gore is an elite running back who makes plays via the pass as well.

The problem with our offense is that everything flows much better when we go gun/pass heavy--Smith gets into a rythm/more comfortable, VD and Crabs get open, the D doesn't stack the box and, hence, Gore has more room to run. If Sing and Raye realize that we MUST PASS TO SET UP THE RUN, we can be a dangerous offensive team.
Finally read to the end of the posts!, But now probably not.
Too many drops by receivers, looking at you Davis and Crabs.
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