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Yes, consistency!

Who knew Smith could be an upper echelon QB? You're kidding right?
Originally posted by turbo9er:
the only consistancy i see is wth CRABS and DAVIS.....DROPING PASSES!!

the only consistancy i see is this team losing more games than it wins for 7 seasons now ...
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Even though I can be one of the more negative personalities on the board, it's nice to read a positive thread.

P.S. Davis will always struggle with consistency catching, like Owens, but he does way more good than harm.

An offseason and TC spent with Crabtree and Davis taking catches from Smith may well lead to interesting results. Not everything comes naturally in life, some things have to be learned and practiced. Neither Crabs with his holdout nor VD with the previous emphasis on him blocking have spent nearly enough time with Smith, as he wasn't, obviously, the starter.

It will be really, really interesting to see how they have developed next year. Assuming, of course, we have an O line for them by then
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Thanks for all the positive replies! And yeah, Alex Smith is already playing like an average QB, and will probably only get better. The guy is dedicated to improvement, WANTS to be a 49er, has the physical tools, the players seem to like him, and he is a very smart b*****d. That's tough to find.

Also, Shaun Hill is a really good backup to have with ability and experience, and this Nate Davis looks like a really good prospect that we can continue to develop (he throws a really good ball, but we must remember that the regular season intricate ultra-preparations for opponents are a lot different from the preseason. The season requires a more cerebral, multi-read timing, every-edge-you-have type of quarterbacking). Something that Nate Davis can eventually do, but why stunt another QB's growth? Aaron Rodgers is a LOT better for having learned all the finer details of the offense, and the tricks from a legendary quarterback.

Yes, I think that Alex Smith can be a very, very good quarterback with some consistency around him.
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